Pay Period Wrap Up!

Team Recognition for Pay Period ending 1/1/13

Have you entered the Transformation Contest for your chance at $1,000?

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As of this morning, the FIRST pay period of 2013 has officially begun! This means GO TIME in a very big way, so please read through the below and get this info to your Team Members ASAP. Trust me...they will want it if they are serious about making 2013 even better than 2012 was!

The Perfect Storm once again is upon us! The current pay period is a two-weeker and will be followed by a three-week pay period...LEADING INTO SUCCESS SCHOOL! I can promise you right now, the way you and your Team go into School will have a major impact on how you come out! You could not ask for a better setup than a 2/3 set of pay periods leading into the February School!

Quick note for all those new Members and many veterans alike...he/she who makes the most introductions to their Leadership, to their fellow Team Members, who increases the support system and makes AdvoCare bigger, more real by NOT being a Lone Ranger...WINS! You WILL NOT succeed here by trying to do it all on your own, or by thinking you know everything you need to matter how long you've been around!

Transformation Contest registration is now ONLINE! Get it done!! Log into your microsite ASAP and look for the banner on the right side! Show each Discount Member and Team Member where this is TODAY...even if they have not said they are taking part in the Contest yet! You never know who you might truly excite through communication!

Qualification for the NEXT quarter of Leads begins today as well! Trust me, EVERY SINGLE TEAM MEMBER is capable of earning this! Best advice we could give you, make this a TOP PRIORITY right now and knock it out in the first three pay periods of this quarter!

Qualification for the NEXT National Leadership Team begins today! This is a VERY important step in your business building process and should be a GOAL of each and every Team Member! (Congrats to all of the current NLT Members! Well earned!)

History was made yesterday! If you were in action with your business, you were a part of the single largest day in AdvoCare history sales. More than double the previous record! If you are paying attention...this tells you everything you need to know about what 2013 will look like. In case you were unaware, YOUR company is the fatest growing Direct Sales company in the 20-years old! Why? How is this possible? Simple...we do it the right way, for the right reasons, which means ONLY the right people show up!

You are a franchise owner, not some cheesy, goofy schemey salesperson! Treat your business as such, it will treat you well! Do everything you do with Integrity, Conviction and Excitement and you will look up 6 months from now and be amazed you weren't sitting on the sideline with all those preconceived notions! Remember, our purpose is not to SELL AdvoCare, but to EDUCATE, INFORM and SUPPORT!

If your AdvoCare business is not in your TOP 3 priorities EVERY SINLGE DAY, without are not OWNING your business...plain and simple!

This is NOT rocket science, but it does require a DECISION followed by ACTION! EXCUSES or RESULTS, but never BOTH!

Your life, your decision, your New Year! If nothing changes, NOTHING changes! My ONE question for each and every Team Member for 2013 is simply this...

Will you be a WOE is me, or a WILL is me person from here on out?