Cape Verde

Culture of Cape Verde

The People

Even though Cape Verde's officail language is Portuguese, most people speak the national language, Crioulo. People call themselves Caboverdianos or Crioulos. Caborverdianos value cleanliness. Most people dress neatly but informily.
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People generally exchange a handshake and a long greeting when they meet. People often touch each other while conversing. A person should ask permission before passing between two people who are conversing. Caboverdians regulary visit friends and relatives. Most informal visits are unannouced.

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Life Styles

In their spare time, Caborverdians visit friends and family, go to the beach, and play futebol a.k.a soccer. Futebol is the most popular sport. Music and dancing are a fundamental part of Caboberdian culture. The most commonly eating foods in Cape Verde are rice, corn, and beans. In Cape Verde, the average family has about five or six children. Many couples live together instead of marrying or until they can afford the expensive wedding clebrations.
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Cape Verde has high dropout rates in primary and secondary school. The president is (currently) Pedro Pires, and the prime minister (currently) Jose Maria Pereira Neves. Both leaders serve five year terms. Cape Verde is a poor country (relatively speaking). Abouth 2/3 of the people are considered wage earners, but many do not earn enough to meet basic needs. Unemplyment is very high.

*The pic below is the president*

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