Dr. Cyril H. Wecht

Forensic Pathologist

What was the contribution?

Dr. Cyril Wecht is an expert in forensic medicine. He is the former chairman of the department of pathology at Saint Francis Central Hospital in Pittsburgh. He is now president of the medical staff at the hospital.
  • He has performed approximately 17,000 autopsies and has supervised approximately 30,000 additional postmortem examinations.
  • He also served as president of American College of Legal Medicine, The American Academy of Forensic Science, served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Legal Medicine, and the American College of Legal Medicine Foundation.
  • http://www.cyrilwecht.com/about.php

How did it affect the study of Forensics?

Dr. Wecht affected the study of Forensics by writing or co-authored more than 44 books and is an editorial member of more than 16 legal and medical publications.
In short he is among the top 10 most distinguished forensic pathologists of all time.

When did the contribution occur?

Who made the contribution?

Dr. Wecht made the contribution to forensic science and is actively involved in medical-legal and forensic science consultant author and lecturer.