Hernado Cortes

The Aztec Conquerer

A little bit about Hernando Cortes and his Journey

Cortes was born in 1485 Medellin Spain, Unfortunately he past away on December 2nd, 1547 in Castelleja de la Cuesta Spain. He first set sail to the new world at age 19, sent by Spain to claim more territory. This exploration group was lead by a man named Diego Valazquez, who also financed Hernando Cortes's voyages...

What was Hernando famous for?

Hernando Cortes is known for conquering the Aztecs and claiming Mexico for his nation Spain, It is said that in 1519, he tricked the Aztecs into giving him gold. One of the many treasures he got was the cocoa beans(CHOCLATE). He also attended the university of Salamanca and held offive after he helped colonize Cuba. Overall, he was a powerful, extraordinary man...

This amazing explorer

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Things that you might not have known about Hernando Cortes

1.Hernando's wife was a woman named Catalina Suarez Marcaida

2.After Cortes was nearly drowned, he went back to Spain still neglected and in dept. Then, he finally decided to go back to Mexico. He never made it. he died of Pleurisy.

3.Hernando and his wife had any children. But when she passed away, he found a new wife and had a lot more. Like Leonor Cortes Moctezuma, Martin Cortes, and Juana Cortes, etc.

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2-3 paragraph essay

Hernando Cortes was born in 1485 in Medellin, Spain. He is known for conquering the Aztec Empire. His parents were of small Spanish nobility. In 1499, when Cortez was 14 he attended the University of Salamanca, at this University he studied law. Two years later in 1501 he gave up on his education and started to drift around.

In 1504 he set sail for the Dominican Republic to try his luck in the new world. In 1511, when he was 18 years old, he joined the army. Diego Velaquez, the commander of the army, became the governor of Cuba and Hernando was elected mayor judge of Santiago.

Later in Hernando's life, Spain sent him to Mexico and he ended up conquering the Aztec Empire and winning Mexico for Spain. Unfortunately he died on December 2nd, 1547. This event happened in Castelleja De La Cuesta, Spain. In conclusion, Hernando Cortes was a great and powerful man who was able to do an extraordinary thing. Conquer the Aztec Empire.