GHS Weekly Update

May 16th - May 20th

Hi Team Grissom,

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air...." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you all for your patience and support during the past few weeks of testing. I appreciate those teachers who helped monitor the doors around the library, as well as, those who assisted in administering AP exams, and all of the ACT exams. It most definitely takes a "team" effort and I appreciate all of your hard work.


- We will be back on the Regular Bell Schedule starting Monday, May 16th.

- Monday and Tuesday, we are down to just ONE administrator, Dr. Williams. Coach Schertz and Mrs. Sims will be acting assistant principals to assist Dr. Williams. It is imperative that you are all vigilant in the halls in between classes, as well as, following the GHS Hall Pass Procedures.

- Wednesday, May 18th we will be having a GHS Club Fair 6th & 7th period. Mr. Hurt will be sending out more information. Teachers you are expected to walk with your classes.

- Complete the "Semester Exam-Exemption List Second Semester-Grissom High School for students who are exempting your final exam. Please email this to me as soon as your list is finalized so that I will have time to compile each list into one cumulative list for GHS.

- Continue to use the GHS Hall Pass. DO NOT let students out of your class unless it is absolutely necessary.

- See the calendar below for Senior Exam and Schoolnet Benchmark 4 exam dates.

- COMING SOON: You will receive a "GHS TEACHER CHECK-OUT" form. ALL items on this form must be completed before you leave Friday, May 27th.

Hang in there, we are almost finished for the year! Thank you all again for your hard work and support.



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  • Students will report to class on time.

  • Teachers will be visible in the hallways/outside classroom door during class change.

  • Once the tardy bell rings, teachers will take attendance EVERY PERIOD via iNow.

  • After 8:05, students must check-in through G-Pod.

  • Administrators, security and HPD will report to designated areas during class change.

  • Each teacher has a GHS Hall Pass and lanyard to give to a student when he/she leaves the classroom. You are expected to use the lanyard and GHS Hall Pass that was given to you last semester. Do not use other hall passes.

    • Only 1 student is allowed out of class at a time, unless a student has to see the nurse.

    • Do not allow multiple students out of your classroom.

    • Please leave Hall Pass instructions in your substitute lesson plans.

    • Students are to use the restroom closest to their classroom.

  • NO students are allowed out of the class the first 5 minutes or the last 5 minutes of class.

  • DO NOT release students early. You must wait until the bell rings.