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Remote Learning and Shutdown Update Edition

Phase 2 Begins Wednesday 4/1/20!

FHS Info for this week

Hey Trojans,

Thank you for connecting with us these past few days! (phase 1)

This edition of Fife High News is dedicated to "Phase 2" of our Remote Learning Plan which begins tomorrow, 4/1! Students please be checking your email and google classrooms as teachers deliver to you your review materials for the next few weeks.

To review Phase 3 you will need to reference our previous FIfe High News edition or watch the explanation video below.

Hopefully you are feeling like you know what is going on, but included in this Fife High News is information about some additional resources for you to get informed.

If you did not reply to your family teachers email, we currently are trying to reach you by phone. If you see an "unknown or blocked number" it might be a staff member attempting to make contact with your family.

We will also be having open Q and A sessions with our principals on Thursday and Friday this week for students. Below you will find more information on this.

I miss you!

Get 'em-

Mr. Bakke

In This Edition

In this newsletter scroll down to:

1. Find out about Q and A sessions for students with our Principals this weeks

2. See additional Support Info and Contact numbers including a new FAQ website for Seniors

3. Phase 2 Outline

Students, do you want to chat with a principal? Join us on a virtual meeting!

Have questions? Join us in a video chat later this week! Find the meeting that is available to you, use the corresponding link to join the chat:

Thursday 4/2

11AM Seniors Last name A-L= Link

12PM Seniors Last name M-Z= LInk

2PM Juniors Last Name A-L= LInk

Friday 4/3

10AM Juniors Last name M-Z= LInk

11AM Sophomores Last Name A-L= Link

12PM Sophomores Last name M-Z= LInk

Need Support?

Need to Speak with A Counselor?

Beginning Thursday 4/2 Students can set up appointments by going to the counseling center website ( The priority for these appointments will be for seniors during these first few weeks.

You can also contact them via email.

Need Tech Support?

If you need help with a student Chromebook or with one of the online services being used for learning, you have several options to request help:

  • Visit the Fife Technology Dept website and fill out an online form to request help (this is preferred). - or -
  • Call the district at 253-517-1000 and leave a message with contact information and a description of the problem. - or -
  • a member of the technology team will contact you.
  • FHS staff will be calling or emailing those families who we have heard need tech support to follow up with you as well and can assist you with submitting the request form

Do you need to call to speak to a staff member?

We have set up a phone line, which is being answered 8-3 from a staff member working from home. You can call 253-517-1100. (closed during spring break). This should be up and running Wednesday April 1.

Seniors! New FAQ website for you!!!

Here is a link to a support Website we built just for you. It has a Frequently asked question section that might be helpful.

Phase 2: Remote Learning Launched- Review Material

Date: 4/1-4/3 (off for spring break), then 4/13-4/17

Phase 2 purpose: The focus of Phase 2 remote learning will be on enrichment and reteaching.

  • If students have makeup work or assignments that can still be done, this is a great time to work on those as well.
  • During this phase students are not going to receive grades nor will they be penalized for not completing newly assigned work. That said, teachers will be providing feedback to students.
  • Teachers will be sharing with students review learning opportunities via the teachers “Google Classrooms” or in an email to the students. This will focus on review material.
  • Teachers are creating these assignments being cognizant to balance workload with “life circumstances” that so many of us are dealing with.

Is it required? Yes. Students should be participating as directed by the teacher.

How will this affect my grades and credits? The state school board is making final decisions on the requirements to earn credits and grades on April 8th. For now the guidance to us is that in order for students to earn credit they must meet standard. More on this to come.

Following spring break every teacher will have virtual “office hours.”

  • Teachers will share with students when they will be available for quick response and feedback. This will allow students to ask any questions they might have as well as engage with the teacher.
  • This is optional for the student, especially if they do not have any questions about the material assigned to them.
  • Teachers will also be available as usual via email which they will respond to as soon as possible.
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In Case You Missed IT!

12 minute Video for FHS students Explaining our Plan

Understanding FHS Remote Learning V 2
A Message from State Superintendent Chris Reykdal During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fife Feeds Info...

There have been some changes to the meal program!

  • We ave combine routes and set a variety of locations where our buses can pull over to distribute meals safely.
  • The final locations will be at Discovery, Hedden and Fife High School.
  • The new routes will start later in the morning but still go into as many neighborhoods as we can.
  • The stops for our new MAIN routes are in the flyer below...

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In case you missed it... a letter to our students from Mr. Bakke


Dear Fife Students,

You are facing truly unprecedented events, and this will be something you will never forget for the rest of your life. I am so sorry you are going through it. I’m sorry that for so many of you, the rewards from the hard work you have put into your sports, concerts, and productions is being taken from you. I’m sorry that your education is getting temporarily compromised. I’m sorry for all the special events that were scheduled that have been canceled. These are memories you won’t get back. I am sorry if you are feeling fear. I know these events are going to impact us all in a lot of scary ways.

But to our beloved FHS students, do not lose hope! My grandparents generation was called, “the greatest generation.” A lot of people think this is simply because of the extreme sacrifice they made during World War II fighting for the freedom of the world, but that is only part of the story. This was the same generation that grew up in the depression, during the worst economic times in our history. They suffered tremendous loss and faced incredible adversity, when terms like “rationing” were everyday vocabulary. They never lost hope, and in spite of those hard times they went through, they went on to save the world.

Fife students, this is your time to show that you have the makings of also being a “great generation.” You are going through historic adversity, which means it's your opportunity to shine bright. Shine by showing others how you care, by your resilience, by being extra helpful with your family, and by showing empathy and encouragement with your peers, and community. Even yesterday you put together a rush food drive and collected hundreds of items in just one day. We continue to be so proud of you!


I want you to again be reminded why we say “Get ‘Em Trojans.” In Fife it means that we will not back down, that there isn’t a challenge, adversity, competition, or tough test that will sway us...there is no such thing as insurmountable odds; in Fife we do not lose hope, and we do not quit. We Get ‘em Trojans!

I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, when we finish the school year the way we are supposed to... together. Make good decisions today and in the few weeks ahead. And Get ‘Em Trojans.


Mr. Bakke

Fife High School

Our Mission: To be a school that prepares all students for life beyond high school by developing their mind, body, and character