Vighnesh Koikal


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: intro

Chapter 2 blocks

Chapter 3: mobs

Chapter 4 foods

Chapter 5 conclusion

chapter 1 intro

Do you want to know about mincraft? Well this is the right book for you. Minecraft is a game full of creativity and dangerous mobs!

chapter2 blocks

There are lots of blocks in minecraft pe. You can craft,dig , and mine. But you cant brake bedrock. But you also need iron pickaxe to mine diamonds and gold. To mine iron you need coblestone pickaxe. You need a wooden pickaxe. to get wood you can just find it in a normal world on the surface but not in a flat land. In a flat land there only 4 or 3 layers of dirt.

Chapter 3 mobs

creepers zombies skeletons wolfs ghats pigs cows chicken sheep squids blaze and other mobs are friendly and aggressive. Zombies are aggressive. Some are not aggressive at all. What are mobs? They are stuff to kill for you to survive and sometimes get fears, lost, and die. Then respawn and travel back

Chapter 4 Food

Food is you to not starve to death if you do starve you will not regenerate health to live. you need health to live escape and not die by mobs or hunger you can eat to regain hunger. there are hunger bars at the top of your screen that looks like meat is your hunger. If you run out of hunger you will start to slowly die and respawn if you didn't sleep you will spawn where you started at first if you die and loose all your stuff in 5 minutes your items will despawn permanently forever unless you have keep inventory true on i don't know how.

Chapter 5 conclusion

Mincraft is a aggressive and viloent and