by Marvin

All about the country

  • Spain has a population of 46.5 million people there
  • the type of money is euros
  • the area of Spain is 194,844 sq miles
  • the capital is Madrid which a tourist attraction
  • their bio is Chaparral temperate forest , the Chaparral is the dominate biome in Spain which is wet and cool in the winter and hot and dry in the summer
  • the tourist attractions are the major cities in Spain such as Madrid Barcelona Malaga and other cities
  • their government is Unitary state, Monarchy, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system
  • they have wild life from the coastal aquatic, polar, alpine, grasslands, shrub lands, forest, woodlands

other information

Spain has the best soccer league it has some if the best soccer players the best 2 in the world. the word Spain comes from ispania soccer is the most important sport

real Madrid is the most popular soccer club in the world with 228 million supporters