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Mrs. Grosch's Message

Hi Marion Jordan Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming parents into the building for Parent/Teacher conferences next week. These meetings provide a time for teachers to share academic, behavioral, social, and emotional updates on your student's progress. It is also a time for you to ask clarifying questions, advocate for your student, and share information about your student. It is also a time for you and the classroom teacher to share expectations and agree on next steps for your student. While conferences formally offer these opportunities, we value our collaborative relationship with families and hope that you will reach out any time you would like to touch base with your child's teacher or any staff member involved in their educational day.

As the holidays approach, there are many ways for you to support our greater community. We appreciate your support of the opportunities we share with you. Our Thanksgiving Food Collection was a huge success. We collected over 600 non-perishable food items as a school this year. This generosity warms my heart and I am certain it does yours as well.

In the event you are looking for another way to bring joy to someone in need this holiday season, here are the details related to the Toy Drive we are currently colllecting for. Thank you in advance for considering a donation for hospitalized children.

On behalf of the staff her at Marion Jordan, we hope you enjoy the break from the school routine next week. The absence of school offers you the opportunity to reconnect as a family, engage in long standing traditions, or create new ones. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Gratitude Challenge

November is the perfect month to reinforce the practice of gratitude. Oftentimes the simplest action on our part can have a significant, meaningful impact on others. Classroom teachers presented the following actions students could take to express gratitude for someone or something during their school day this past week. Ask your child about his/her experience - you may be surprised to hear how much your child received when engaging in the action of giving to others. We also invite you to continue with days 6-10 during the week of Thanksgiving Break. Scroll down to see more!

Gratitude Practices at School

Day 1 - Write a note/draw a picture for someone and tell them why you’re thankful for them.

Day 2 - Go the whole day without complaining.

Day 3 - Tell a teacher or staff member thank you today and tell them why you’re thankful for them.

Day 4 - Write down three things you’re grateful for.

Day 5 - Smile at everyone you see today :)

Keep it Going at Home

Day 6 - Do an extra chore around the house today.

Day 7 - Tell a family member thank you today and tell them why you’re lucky to have them.

Day 8 -Smile at everyone you see today :)

Day 9 - Tell your family three things that you’re grateful for.

Day 10 - Go the whole day without complaining.

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November 9, 2022

Dear District 15 Families, Staff, and Community Members,

Last night, District 15 voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum to move our schools and our district forward. We are truly humbled by this outpouring of support that will have a meaningful impact on every student, school and community we proudly serve for decades to come.

On behalf of the Board of Education and myself, our sincerest thanks for your confidence, enthusiasm, and support of the Moving 15 Forward plan. This plan will be a game changer for the students and staff of District 15, and we want every resident to know that we are honored to have your trust and delighted to be Moving 15 Forward with you.

Please know that we do not take your support lightly. As we move from the positive vote of last evening to the realization of the Moving 15 Forward plan, we will continue to engage with our staff and community every step of the way on our soon-to-be updated Moving 15 Forward website, designed to share progress as these exciting dreams become reality.

We would be remiss if we did not extend an additional round of thanks beyond measure to so many local residents who contributed countless hours to develop and provide feedback to improve our thinking and secure the future of quality education in District 15.

With sincere gratitude and excitement for what the future holds,

—Dr. Laurie Heinz, Superintendent of School

—Lisa Beth Szczupaj, Board of Education President

Celebrating SIP

Goal updates will be sent home on 11/18/22. Please contact your child's case manager or our school coordinator, Ms. Fleming, with any questions.

Peer Buddies

Our students in the Structured for Independence Program (SIP) at Marion Jordan participate in Peer Buddies every week. Brennan Mallon and Valerie Nagel, the social workers in SIP, collaborate with the general education teachers to facilitate lessons, help promote positive relationships and encourage the acceptance of differences. Students from a variety of classrooms come to play games, interact and promote social skills with our students in SIP. All students and staff members involved in peer buddies enjoy uniting our school community.

Our peer buddies work with our students in SIP on skills such as waiting and taking turns.

Sensory Breaks

Our students in SIP benefit from a variety of sensory breaks throughout the day to help their bodies stay regulated. Our peer buddies are able to provide this input by participating in activities such as pulling the kids in the wagon or pushing them on the swing.

November SPARK Meeting

SPARK, Special Education Parents Accessing Resources and Knowledge, is hosting an informative session for parents.

Navigating the Illinois Disability System

Monday, November 28th, 2022


7:00 – 8:30 pm

See flyer for further information.

Special Olympics Snowshoeing

It is not too late to get involved.

Here is the website: Blue Jays Special Olympics and the registration form is attached. If you have any questions, please let us know! Any students with IEPs who are between the ages of 8-15 is welcome to participate.

Snowshoeing Registration Form 2022-23.pdf

A Look into the Library

The library has quickly become at busy hub at Marion Jordan! Each week students engage in learning activities collaboratively planned by their teacher and our librarian. Take a look at the recap of October's fun below.

MJ Library - October

Health Office Information

In addition to the resurgence of Covid, it is cold and flu season. For your reference, we are including some General Infection Prevention and Control Measures from CCDPH (Cook County Department of Public Health):

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your upper shirt sleeve, not your hands. Dispose of used tissues in the trash
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm running water for 20 seconds, any time after contact with secretions from the nose or mouth or handling used tissues. Thorough handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid sick people.
  • Avoid close contact, such as kissing, shaking hands with others.
  • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces (doorknobs, refrigerator handle, crib rails, water faucets, cupboard handles) at least daily. Clean and sanitize mouthed toys, objects, and surfaces at least daily and when soiled. RSV can survive for many hours on hard surfaces such as tables and crib rails. It typically lives on soft surfaces such as tissues and hands for shorter amounts of time.
  • Do not share food or drinks or cups or utensils, or anything that goes into the mouth.
  • Monitor children and staff for symptoms.
  • Staff should not report to work while acutely ill— even if the individual tests negative for SARS-CoV-2 or other pathogens.
  • Exclude ill children until fever is gone without the aid of fever reducing medication and the child is well enough to participate in routine activities.
  • For children at greater risk, limit the time they spend in child-care centers or other potentially contagious settings.

Stay Healthy, Blue Jays!

Veteran's Day

It was our honor to welcome veterans from our school community for a musical performance on Veteran's Day. Along with the visiting veterans, our student body was treated to songs, videos, poetry, and instrumental accompaniments performed by our fifth graders under the direction of our music teacher, Mrs. Judi Jahnke. It was heartwarming to celebrate those who have sacrificed and served our country. Special guest, Corporal Bill Kaczmarski, US Marines, also shared a few words with our students.

Parent University - Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Children in a Post-pandemic World

As part of our regular Parent University series, District 15 has partnered with psychologist and educator Dr. Doug Bolton to speak with parents/guardians surrounding the growing mental health needs of our students. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns existed surrounding the overall well-being of school-age children as it relates to mental health needs. As we moved through the pandemic, practitioners saw a rise in such needs, as did our schools. That said, however, as challenging as the pandemic has been on so many of us, the disruption of this pandemic has pushed us all to find resilience during a time of remarkable uncertainty and stress.

That is why District 15 has partnered with Dr. Doug Bolton. He will share some of the valuable “lessons learned” about how to use stressful times to build resilience in our children because doing so will help them both now and in the future as they face unexpected challenges. We hope you are able to join us on Wednesday, December 14 at 6:30 p.m. for a presentation entitled: Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Children in a Post-pandemic World.

Dr. Doug Bolton is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director of School Consultation for Formative Psychological Services. He has spent over 20 years as a psychologist and principal at North Shore Academy and at a K-12 therapeutic school in nearby Highland Park. Dr. Bolton provides consultation, supervision, and professional development to parents, educators, and clinicians throughout northern Illinois as he is passionately committed to creating communities that help foster student and staff resilience. District 15 leadership, as well as our certified staff, benefitted from a similar presentation by Dr. Bolton in August, and know you will find his presentation not only thought provoking, but useful in your role as parent/guardian.

Again, we hope you are able to join Dr. Bolton on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, for our final Parent University of 2022. The session will be held in the Winston Campus Junior High Cafe. Please park in the lot shared with the Presbyterian Church off of Rohlwing and enter through Door 8. The presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. and will include time for a Q & A.

Notes from Nutrition Services

Prepayments for meals are made several different ways. Parents can give their student cash, or a check made out to the order of Nutrition Services, in an envelope marked "Lunch Money". Parents may also make payments online, via SchoolCafé.

SchoolCafé can be used to check your student’s balance. You can also elect to have a low balance notification emailed directly to you.

Free and Reduced-Price Meal Benefits are available to children whose families qualify under federal guidelines. Application forms are available at school and online.

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Illustrative Math - Family Connection

Thank you to the families who submitted their Illustrative Math family tasks during the month of October! We enjoyed seeing your child use math outside of the classroom.

Illustrative Math provides students and families with an opportunity to take their learning from the classroom and apply it to an authentic situation. Below you will find a unit task for the month of October as well as a companion support video that explains what each grade level is learning in class. Follow the steps below to complete the optional unit task for November.

1. Find your child’s grade level below and click the link to access your unit task.

2. Read through the “Try It At Home” section and complete the task.

3. Send your family’s math work to your child’s teacher in the form of a written paper, photo story, or a video of your child demonstrating and explaining their thinking.

November Support Videos & Unit Tasks


Unit Task

Support Video

1st Grade

Unit Task

Support Video

2nd Grade

Unit Task

Support Video

3rd Grade

Unit Task

Support Video

4th Grade

Unit Task

Support Video

5th Grade

Unit Task

Support Video

6th Grade

Unit Task

Accelerated 7th/Pre Algebra

Unit Task

Family Resources

Important Dates

Monday, Nov 21 - Parent /Teacher Conferences 12-8pm

Tuesday, Nov 22 - Parent /Teacher Conferences 7:30-11:30am

Wednesday, Nov 23 - No School

Thursday, Nov 24 - No School - Thanksgiving Day

Friday, Nov 25 - No School

November 14 - Dec 5th Toy Drive

Monday, Nov 28 - SPARK Meeting @7pm

Tuesday, Dec 6 - Beginning/Intermediate Band Concert 7pm

Thursday, Dec 15 - Chorus Concert

Thursday, Dec 22 - Friday, January 6 - Winter Break

Monday, Jan 9 - School Resumes

Contacting Marion Jordan School

Welcome to Marion Jordan Elementary School, Home of the Blue Jays!

We are located at 100 N. Harrison Ave. Palatine, IL 60067

Our main office phone number is 847-963-5500. Our Absence Line is 847-963-5501.

Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Grosch 847-963-5505

Assistant Principal: Mr. Andrew Wilson 847-963-5504

School Office Staff: Ms. Jamie Wieckiewicz 847-963-5580 and Mrs. Kelly Wallin 847-963-5503

School Nurse: Ms. Sherin Thomas 847-963-5502