The Nile

By: Turner Payne

General Facts

-The greatest civilization on the Nile was the Egyptian people.

-The Nile is most commonly known for being the longest river in the world (4,000 miles long)

-Other than the Egyptian people the Paleolithic and the Neolithic people lived along the Nile.

-The Nile provided annual and controlled floods great for agriculture.

More About the Egyptians Along the Nile

The Egyptian Cities first emerged around 3200BCE. The Egyptian History has been divided into three different types of time periods. Those are, The Old Kingdom, The Middle Kingdom, and The New Kingdom. Around the time 1069-664BCE the Egyptians were to believed to be Under the rule of either the Libyans or the Nubians.

The Egyptians and Nubians

The Egyptians were not the only great colony along the Nile. In fact their rival the Nubians lived just down river from them. This allowed for a great way to flank the Nubians because they did not have to fight the current of the Nile. This flank was known as Fertile Present which is located in the western region of the river.


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