Emily Howard' Goals

Mrs. Richards' 5th Grade 2015

My strengths and weaknesses

M strengths are Science and math.These are my strengths because i get a's and b's on them.My weaknesses are Reading and social studies.these are my weaknesses because i always get a bad grade.

Goals for this year

My language arts goal is spelling words write. I will work on this by keep on practicing.My social studies goal is to learn about what happen in all the wars. I will work on this by listening to the teacher when she talks about it. My science goal is to get all A's. I will work on this by improving to my work and test. My math goal is to learn my division and multiplication. I will wok on this by working really hard.

Personal goal

My personal goal for this year is to learn more about science. I will work on this by reading books about science. Another goal i have is to learn more about math and to reach this goal i will do my best.

Who can help me?

One person who can help me reach these goals is my Teacher and my Mama. They can help me because they were in school once so i think they can help me alot.

What might distract me?

Something that can distract me from reaching these goals is my self for not studying. One way i can keep myself from distracting is to study and not to talk.