Science Update

January 28, 2015

What's Happening??

We are currently nearing the end of our Compounds & Molecules Unit as well as our science fair projects. The unit test will be on 2/4 next week.

Our Schedule for the Coming Week(s)

Thursday 1/28

We will use time in class to practice and make final preparations for the science fair later today. Students who feel prepared and would like to continue the lab work they are currently doing can do that if time permits.

Friday 1/29

Continue Lab work (Shedding Light and Polar vs Non). Students were given a choice of when to do these (the order). Not only do they need to complete the lab, but they also need to demonstrate their understanding using some sort of media recording.

Monday (2/1)

We will visit the Holocaust Museum in Skokie for our class Field Trip - Students will attend their Encore classes and depart after Encore 3. There are NO core classes today.

Tuesday (2/2)

Finish Lab Work/Review - Finish the lab work/demonstration of understanding. Continue reviewing for Friday's test if time permits.

Wednesday (2/3)

Class Review - stations are set up where students can visit where they need to in order to practice the things they are struggling with or just are unsure of.

Thursday (2/4) - End of Compounds/Molecules Unit

Test Today

Friday (2/5) - Start (bridge) to Chemical Reactions Unit

Bunsen Burner Lab Activities today

Monday (2/8)

Flame Testing Lab

New Unit Goals and Targets

Tuesday (2/9)

Demonstration Day

Wednesday - Friday (2/10 - 2/12)

Balancing Equations station work/activities