Child's Paradise

- A Sister & Sister Partnership -

The very best daycare around!

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About our business...

  • Child's Paradise is a local daycare we designed and opened together. We accept all kids from ages 0-10. Not only do we provide a safe and fun environment. We include an educational experience for you little one. We provide the best daycare services for your child while you are busy.

About the owner's...

  • Brought up in a happy family we always knew that we wanted to own something to call our's. Our family and little kids around us became our passion. Being that we are only 16 months apart we did almost everything together. It grew to our advantage that we could work together in this business and depend on each others strengths for ones weakness. This is what made a partnership the best choice of business for us.
  • We promised each other that we would work together through every disadvantage and made an emergency plan which made it easy to overcome every downfall.

The way things work out around here...

  • Because we ensure that we hire and provide only the best no labor union is needed. We keep our workers in good condition by making sure everyone is satisfied. Each person who works with us have equal rights and we consider everyone idea and concerns. By doing this we have created an ear for everyone's voice.

Go Green !

  • We are supporters of our community. We teach the kids all about the environment. They have began to be excited about Earth day and even simple things such as recycling. We believe that the children will once lead the community so why not teach them young.
  • Go Green is a program we have enter our kids in to help with local environment issues. Together we can make a brighter future of our community.