Third Grade Buzzzz...

Happenings in Mrs. Paluch's Class!

May 16, 2016

This is the final 3rd Grade Buzzzz...

It is so hard to believe that the school year is in its final week. We had an awesome, unbelievable year. I am very lucky to have gotten to teach such a great group of kids. I will miss them terribly. I can't thank you enough for all of your support this year.

Enjoy your summer!!

Some of the kids want to share more of their talent this week. I will give them time to shine throughout the week!!

Lots of 3rd grade memories coming home this week :)

Field Trip and Field Day Fun!!

Curriculum Information

ELA- (English/Language Arts)

Unit 3 Module B

Reading Essential Question: How do readers use text structures and features to better comprehend texts?

Writing Essential Question: How do writers introduce and develop a topic with facts, details, and linking words?

Focus This Week:

  • Kids are finishing up their Performance Based Assesment (PBA). They are writing a news article about Cyclone Tracy that they learned about from the book, Living Through a Natural Disaster. They are explaining information about this storm and how it affected the people who lived through it.


We are officially done with learning all of the 3rd grade standards! We will spend time this week reviewing all the skills and concepts that we have learned. I have a lot of mind-twisters and challenging activities planned for them!

No More Homework!

Below is a link to a good website with a lot of math games!

Have kids visit this website during the summer to keep up with their math skills!


We will have a little fun with electricity this week!

Social Studies


  • Kids are researching their region, making a poster and presenting it to the class this week!
Tour the States - Official Music Video

Important Dates

  • May 20- Last Day of School 12:45 Dismissal Lunch will be served.