Paper Towns

By: John Green


"Paper Towns" by John Green is a story about a non-adventurous boy named Quentin "Q" Jacobsen, and an super adventurous girl named Margo Roth Spiegelman. Q has always had a crush on Margo, he has always admired her from afar. However in the beginning of the book Margo takes Q on a magnificent quest for revenge around Orlando. When Q and Margo part ways Q gets very little sleep. Q wakes up to find Margo’s parents, his parents, as well as a police officer sitting around the table. It turns out Margo ran away, again. Margo always runs off and goes on wild adventures. She always leaves clues as to where she is going, and this time she left them for Q to find. Q, and his friends Radar, and Ben search for clues. Will they find Margo Roth Spiegelman or will she just become a mystery.

Margo Roth Spiegelman

The mysterious Margo Roth Spiegelman, the one who plays hide and seek all over the country, has hidden herself again. She wants Quentin to find her this time, leaving clues to lead him around the city of Orlando Florida, then around the country. Margo is the one who leads Q on his big adventure.



Paper Towns V.S. The Fault In Our Stars V.S. Looking For Alaska

Despite the books both being by John Green, "Paper Towns" , "Looking For Alaska",and"The Fault In Our Stars" are very different. The Fault In Our Stars is probably the most popular John Green book, but it's not the best. Paper Towns is better, however "Looking For Alaska" is the best out of the three. The books are all very detailed, and they all are very emotional. You definitely need a box of tissues when you read any of these books.


Despite it not being the BEST John Green book there is it's definitely worth the read. Paper Towns will take you on a wild ride of friendship, and a cross country road trip. There will be creepy places, and all the while you get it all in the detailed, heartbreaking work that is a John Green book.
Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")


I think "Cups" by Anna Kendrick explains Margo's feelings toward leaving all these "Paper Towns" as she called them, perfectly. Some people do miss Margo after she leaves. When she leaves she goes off to a beautiful place with " the prettiest of views" as the song says. Even though Margo isn't inviting anyone with her, Q does miss her and he tries to figure out where she went.
John Green's Website

For more information about John Green and his books, this website has lots of information. It also has videos from the vlog he does with his brother, Hank.

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