Daniel Behan

A True Professional

A Sailing Man

Each opportunity Daniel Behan has to captain his own vessel is yet another chance to experience a thrilling adventure cruising atop the open water, and to enjoy the open air and fresh breeze alongside his friends and family. When professional junior high school educator Behan isn’t busy engaging his students in the classroom, he can often be found behind the wheel of his very own sailboat.

Daniel Behan - How to Sail Safely

Know what to expect as you’re preparing the boat for launch, and be sure to take action accordingly to protect you and your boat mates. It is important to educate your passengers about boat safety first. The best way to protect both yourself and your passengers during an up and coming voyage, says the boating experts, is to empower them with information they need to maintain safe and enjoyable boat operation. If you spot any sudden changes in the weather, such as the approach of anything inclement, takes steps to get off the water as soon as possible. Be sure, says experts, to have Coast Guard approved life jackets available for each member of the crew, and that your vessel is fully stocked with such things as a fire extinguisher, emergency flares, maps, a cell phone and more. Always know the weather and be prepared before every voyage by knowing the weather forecast and water conditions.

Always have the right equipment aboard before sailing. Before any seagoing adventure can begin, it’s important to have the right safety equipment aboard. Avid sailing enthusiasts enjoys the adventure and thrill of a long sailing excursion; feeling the fresh sea air as they navigate their vessel through the chop, riding the wind towards his next destination. When done correctly, sailing can be an exhilarating and safe activity for those of nearly all ages.

Daniel Behan enjoys nothing more than a day on the boat, though he knows this enjoyment would most likely never be possible without careful and vigilant adherence to the rules of safe boating, something both he and his family regard as essential to a successful sailing journey. He and his family can often be found gallivanting atop the open water, searching for their next adventure as they glide towards a new spot aboard his 60 foot schooner.

Being Excellent

A studious and dedicated academic, a particular teacher was the winner of an exclusive scholarship as a high school senior, and was honored to have made the school’s honor roll his junior and senior years. A student and graduate of one of the highest-rated high schools in all of Ohio, as well as both a community college and major university graduate with a cumulative 3.9 Grade Point Average, he continues to appreciate the numerous educational opportunities he was afforded throughout his academic career, as well as they have made available to him as a professional educator. This dedicated educator had always shown promise as a student, and it was this promise that garnered him early entry into one of the most prestigious private high schools in the entire state of Ohio. After successfully earning his Associate’s degree, he entered a major university in New England, an institution where he could pursue his interests in teaching, and in history, in far more depth. He has always understood the value of a quality education, having enjoyed the opportunity to build a successful career atop a foundation of a high-quality educational background. It was in high school that he found a particular interest in history, a subject he continues to teach to this day.

Daniel Behan
entered community college just after high school, seeking out what he believed to be one of the region’s most acclaimed teaching programs. He would go on to earn both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the institution, entering the teaching profession shortly after completing his academic career, becoming a shining example of what it means to be excellent.