By: Sierra Cole

How does water enter a plant and get to the leaves?

Water enters root cells by osmosis, and travels through the plant to the leaves.
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How does CO2 enter the leaf?

Carbon DIoxide (CO2) enters the leaf by diffusing through small holes on the underside of the leaf called Stomata (One hole is called a Stoma).
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Where does Photosynthesis occur in the plant?

Photosynthesis occurs inside plant cells in chloroplasts.Chloroplasts are usually in the Mesophyll layer.
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Why is sunlight important to the process of photosynthesis?

Without sunlight Green plants cant convert Carbon Dioxide and Water into Carbohydrates.
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What is a waste product of the plant and how it is removed from the plant?

Ṕlants produce Carbon Dioxide, also Water as a respiratory product. During photosynthesis Carbon Dioxide is used. Oxygen exits through Stomata, Root Cells Walls, and other routes.
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What does the plant do with the sugar it makes?

Chlorophyll uses light energy from the sun and combines Carbon Dioxide with water to create sugar the by product of this is oxygen.
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What are the final products of photosynthesis and how are they important to life on this planet?

Glucose and Oxygen are the final products of photosynthesis.Without oxygen People and Animals wont survive.Glucose is an essential energy source in a living organism.Also it is a component of numerous carbohydrates.