A FOUR-day masterclass for educators to Master the art & craft of facilitating and designing learning spaces and to strengthen knowledge, ability, competence, confidence and hone the skills to design, lead, facilitate and execute experiential learning journeys(arches) through practice & training, in an experimental learning-arch lab.

“BECOME A MASTER ARCHER, of the visceral, visual & verbal elements in setting, holding and landing learning arches through exploring the space between 'confusion + structure' & 'purpose + experience."

The programme is built on the rigorous training platform that dynamically combines a deeper level of practice, reflection and theory for how to create connection and conditions before content, facilitate learning journeys and lead collective and creative pedagogical change.


Throughout the full-time experiential 4 day program, up to 30 A&CDFLS (part1) alumni* will co-create an amazing learning journey in order to maximise the potential for us all to grow as educational change agents towards the ultimate goal of creating authentic transformational learning journeys and experiences for our students, colleagues, clients and schools.

* You must have completed A&CDFLS part 1 to attend part 2

We will follow the ‘The KP pedagogical anchoring and development tool’ process of DESIGNING; CREATING, EVALUATING & IMPLEMENTING! This method provides and supports the process of pedagogical innovation and change inside faculties and schools.

The course will primarily build on the core KP facilitation & intervention approach, methods & techniques providing participants with the opportunity to play between leading (setting) and facilitating (holding & landing) the learning and space.

The space and the group will be held and hosted by a leading facilitator with support from 1 current KP student and 1 recent KP alumni. They will work primarily to hold the space and as participants & observers, guidance & support, intervention & inspiration.



THE COURSE FEE IS €800* (+ VAT if you do not have a VAT number) as part of our ed2ed & not 4 profit EDUCATION SERIES or €1500 for private (non-ed) participants, consultants or trainers.

You may be entitled to apply for Erasmus+, in particular E+ Grants. Please go to your national agency to get more info about this.

If you would like to register contact the course director and facilitator - simonk@kaospilot.dk

The course is 4 full days (9am - 1800pm) and allows for a maximum of 30 participants.

* see terms below for non ed2ed pricing.


UPCOMING LOCATIONS : PORTO 2019 : 12th - 15th MARCH : register now!


Attend if YOU ARE:

  • someone who has attended part 1 and has actively (to the best of their ability) tried to apply some of the methods learned from A&C1 and is ready to host autonomous KP like education.
  • an educator who wants to “BECOME A MASTER ARCHER!” and believes that it can support the big impact you wish to create that separates you from other teachers…
  • (most importantly) … a person who shares the need for a disruptive change in education and still thinks that this pedagogical approach combined with your own practice is right for you, your craft, society and future generations of learners and do’ers.
  • a practitioner who continues to grow as a designer and facilitator of learning journeys and of your potential to revolutionize education for educators.
  • an A&CDFLS alumni who knows that this full time, intense 4 day course is in Development and requires trust, courage, agility and leaning in


Below is a little reminder of part 1




Explore and practice the facilitation of setting, holding and landing (the learning) in a safe learning environment, which allows us to stop, adapt and retry.To support the ‘perfect participatory learning environment’ we will be experiencing and practicing how to strengthen, support and grow your own teaching platform (skills, competences, confidence, views and beliefs) to continue to lead and support the creation of highly engaged learning and help you meet / read / adapt to your students, colleagues and system.





  • deep practice into the LAs as the primary framework for setting and hosting learning.
  • how to facilitate learning experiences that are agile, adaptable and transparent
  • designing LAs which create the right balance and format for practice, theory & reflection to inspire and support the design of learning journeys.
  • continue to apply project and action based learning
  • play with the balance between individual, group and team-based work learning
  • find your balance between leadership, teaching and facilitation
  • strengthen and develop your facilitation & alternative lecture competences & craft
  • continue to explore and experience the KP’s holistic facilitative approach



  • deepen your learning around creating autonomous, risk taking, participatory and action based learning experiences to support your work of making the case for this way of education within your world.
  • learn & experience the top tools to set/hold & land learning arches.
  • working knowledge & personal understanding of the core (21st C.) skills and mindsets
  • support a creative learning culture through co-creation, co ownership & collaboration
  • learn how to give and take energy to support student’s break through and ownership of solution – and how intervention supports that.
  • a process and strategy for how to engage others in pedagogical innovation and implementation
  • professional development through personal development – Cultivating emotional intelligence



  • to inspire and direct, confirm and motivate you to stay the course and not revert to ‘the old ways’.
  • grow your senses and intuition to facilitate authentically and in service of the learning purpose and the students.
  • grow your intuition, working with resistance real time change, deep listening & intervention.
  • continue to practice emotional intelligence & leadership styles.
  • prepare yourself & understanding feelings, ego & being in service of the task and team, self control and emotions.
  • create/define your own learning edge, vision and values and strengths and growth potential


Testimonial snippets

A rich life experience. Life and profession in full sync. Still need to sediment it all. It will take time.

Angelo Marco Luccini: Serious Games Design & Project Management: Italy

One of the things I appreciated most was the risk of actual failure, the sense of unpredictability. All courses promise certain results, how refreshing is it when a situation is created where NO ONE knows where it will lead us? That’s not a journey, that’s an expedition.

Patrick van Aalst: Educational designer: Netherlands

It was a great experience. In just 4 days we went through the whole process of designing and undergoing a learning journey. We really practiced all the KOAS ways of designing learning arches. It was challenging and fun. And most important I learned so much!!!

Yvette Fijen: Academic leader: Amsterdam Theatre Academy: Netherlands

I discovered that I have to raise my level of confusion and I invented a new motto for myself: I am still confused but at a higher level!

Merike Rehepapp, Academic leader: Estonia

Experiencing chaos (By design ?:) and trying to understand the impact on people, helped us discover the potential to use that chaos as a tool in a positive way. There truly lies beauty in chaos.

The awesome team from Stenden, University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands



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* Non ED2ED price:


This Course is a low profit one. It is aimed at education personnel working at under & post grad levels and those interested in designing new forms of powerful public & private education. A higher cost of €1500 will apply to those working within corporate training, consultancy or train the trainer companies. If you are unsure about this contact me : simonk@kaospilot.dk