Seasons Change

and so do we

Our Fellow Yogis

My goodness it has been so long since I have written a newsletter. I don't have an excuse of saying it's because I have been busy, although true.

The truth is I haven't known what to say. The fate of the studio has been in limbo for a year now, often times leaving me in a paralyzed state of what to do, what's to come, where to go, and how to manage.

As an Aquarian, we are the future thinkers of the world, so planning for the future is kind of my thing, yet I have been consistently faced with time and time again the unknown.

I still don't know what the future holds. To say that our business of serving people is thriving is not the truth, to say its getting by isn't exactly honest either, a better description would be to say we are hanging on.

I am hanging on, and at times like many of you hanging on by a thread.

What does the future hold, I don't know. I can't look into my magic ball and tell you.

What I can tell you is this is a season in my life, in our lives, that will evolve and change. My teacher always reminded me that the one thing in life that is consistent is change. Think of each season, we know each and every year the winter will come, yet will it be mild, warm, brutal and cold, we don't know. We know the flowers will bloom in the spring, and our crops begin to bud in our gardens into the summer. Will it be fruitful, again, we don't know. That is because it's the season itself, is just that, a season! Predictable in that it will arrive and leave, what it will be though, that remains to be experienced, the good, the bad, the abundance and the loss.

This past season we have been in has been long, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, truths, lessons and growth, is it done with us yet? I don't know.

What I do know is that I can't live in this constant state of waiting for the ball to drop, or things to change, or my favorite wish, for it to all go away.

Just like every season serves a purpose, this season of our lives serves one too. Believe it or not, it serves a spiritual purpose, but that is a newsletter for a separate day.

I think back over the past year at how much I have gained, yet simultaneously lost. Some of us have lost way more than others, some more deeply effected forever by the things we have experienced, and some with less permanent damage. However none of us, and I mean none of us, have been unscathed.

The seasons of our lives change, we shed our leaves, get frozen by the cold air, to watch the flowers revive, and abundance grow. In actuality though we do not know if we will see the next season, or what that season can bring, just like some winters are milder and than others, and some summers more brutal than the last.

The only thing we have in these seasons, is change, as I said earlier, the one constant in our life. Who knows where it will take us, who knows where we will end up.

The questions really is, are we suppose to know?

The answer is No, what would we learn if we knew it all from the get go. How would we grow, and evolve into the people we want to be, if we knew every twist and turn.

Even more so, perhaps the anxiety would become crippling if we knew it all. Barricading ourselves in to protect us from the evitable.

I don't know what the future holds for myself, for the yoga studio, for all of you. What I do know is this.

This is a season in our lives, one that has been brutal, cold and painful for many, yet also providing time, memories and maybe even some joy to others, or even simultaneously.

So I am going to press on with these seasonal changes as if everything will remain, and if it doesn't and my leaves fall, that's ok, and if it does and my flowers bloom, well that's ok too.

I hope you can join me and doing the same.

Love & Light ALWAYS,


Policy Changes

Our policies will always adapt as we change, and also where we see fit. We know that registration window closing at an HR before class doesn't always give you the ample time to decide you want to go last minute.

We will be changing the registration window to close at 30 minutes prior, leaving you more room to be flexible with your schedule.

Many have asked us if our mandates from NYS have changed regarding CDC rules, and the vaccinations. Our mandates come from the state, and have not changed at this time. It does not mean that they won't change soon, but at this time we are continually enforcing the mandates that have been put on us.

We will evaluate with this as time goes by and see fit.

Please know this is not our choice, and we do understand that many of the rules do not make sense, we are doing the best we can just like everyone else.

*Cancellation policies have always been in effect. Late cancellations and no shows will be charged, or deducted for a class. Going forward everyone must be keep a card on file, and will be sent and invoice and charged accordingly. We understand that life happens, and a simple call or email goes a long way*


Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

So you think you want to be a Yoga Teacher, NOW is the TIME!

No better time than NOW to become a Yoga Teacher, Take the Journey of a Life time with us this Summer

Take The Journey of a Life Time

You think you want to become a Yoga Teacher?

Join us this Summer as we embark on our Teacher Training Program.

One of your goals for to be a yoga teacher? Or simply deepen your knowledge and understanding of this ancient practice?

Our training starts this May.

Information about our program coming up this Summer.

Our training includes but not limited to⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

unlimited classes during the duration of training

Yoga Anatomy

Hatha Lineage

Alignment based yoga

Trauma Informed Yoga

The ancient practice & philosophy of yoga

asanas (physical practice)

8 limbs of yoga

Yamas and Niyamas


Yoga for ALL students

The Chakra Systems

The subtle body (emotional body)

Intro into Ayurveda


Business of Yoga

Yoga Ethics

Job placement

Exploration of the self

Yoga Sutras

Intro to specialty populations

200hr Yoga Alliance Certification upon completion

✔anyone looking to expand their knowledge of yoga
✔anyone looking to deepen their practice
✔anyone dedicated to the service of others
✔anyone looking to heal, grow, expand and become present in their daily lives

This training is from May 21,2021-August 15, 2021

These dates are a guideline. If some dates can not be attended, make ups will be offered, as well as sessions recorded for students to be done as make ups, as training progresses some dates are subject to change. If 2020 has taught us anything it is to not worry about the plans or dates of the training, because we will adapt and make it work on an individual basis as well as a group.

Training Consists of a blended model of Virtual and in studio classes. The schedule consists of approximately of

  • 25hrs of Virtual Classes- To be done Independently
  • 50hrs of classes to be taken to maintain practice (1 virtual, and one in person)
  • 10hrs of Teaching Clinics
  • 10 Hrs of Observations
  • 5hrs of Self Care Services
  • 100hrs of In Person Training -1 weekend Per Month
  • Weekly 2 hr zoom sessions for the 12 Weeks of Training (day and time will be discussed with trainees)

Dates are subject to change as training progresses, live sessions and other sessions will be recorded for make ups in case someone could not attend. *Please note not all months are the exactly same*

Weekend Session Times

Friday 6-10


Sundays- 8am-4pm










*8/15/21 Graduation will be 8-7pm*

*Membership is a part of tuition for trainees, and trainees are required to take minimum 1 required class virtual, and 1 additional class (can be virtual or in person) per week at no additional cost.

Due to the condensed versions of the class, students will have membership to the studio, access to online content until 11/21/2021, in order to complete their training within a 6 month period. The dates and everything listed above in the 12 weeks is for in-person training, as this is designed to not overwhelm the students with course work.

Investment: $2950 in full-Paid in full before first session
Registration: $3150 with a payment plan (6 month fixed or individualized plans accepted) $200 non-refundable deposit to hold registration.


*deposit is deducted from the overall price of program, but is required along with an application to register for the training

It is within experience that no question is too silly. Dani will answer any questions about our program, regarding scheduling, timing, certification, what is entailed. This training program is what YOU make of it. You DO NOT have to actively want to teach, to learn more about your practice.

Many often want to further study there beloved practice. After all, yoga began as a one on one teaching, with student and guru, not with the intent to teach a public class. With the intent of self study, and exploring the self through this ancient sacred practice. At the LFY school, we hold this belief and philosophy to the highest standards, and is what our program is modeled after.

Please email us at to set up your own personal in person, or zoom to discuss our training in depth

We Look Forward to Serving You!

Common Questions and Answers

Common Questions and Answers

  • I have only been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, am I ready? Yes if you have any curiosity about the practice, philosophy and Science of Yoga, YOU ARE READY?
  • What if I don't want to teach? You don't have to, many trainees enter a training program to further their study that they can not gain from just regular yoga classes
  • Am I too Old? Yoga does not know an age limit, yoga is for EVERY BODY AND EVERYONE!
  • What if I can't attend all of the dates? Dates are tentative and will be discussed during training, if you are unable to attend a date we will address it during make ups, or schedule a private make up.
  • What if I can't commit to a regular practice during the duration of the training? You have as long as it takes you to complete all your requirements, once they are completed then you will be ready to submit to Yoga Alliance. Everyone will graduate, however certificate of completion may be different for each individual.
  • How do payment plans work? We are very flexible with payment plans, and will be worked out accordingly for what you can afford and when. Payment must be completed upon the week before graduation, how you do that during the duration of the program will be discussed with the director. "I do not believe that Money should every hold someone back from a path or journey that they are meant to be on, I have faith the universe will always provide for you, when you follow a path of destiny" -Dani
  • I really want to do this, but I am not sure right now is the right time? Time is of the essence, only you know when you are suppose to do something. Programs may be offered again in the future, however ask yourself this "Will I regret doing not doing this now?" If the answer is yes, than the answer is probably right now!

What some of our graduates have said about our program:

"Deciding to undertake the 200hr TT was one of the best decisions I've made. I not only expanded my yoga ability and knowledge, but learned so much about myself in the process" - Laura

"My relationships with my children, husband, family and coworkers all improved because of the benefits of mediation and becoming a 'true' yogi. My whole world is changed from this training and I wish it would never end"- Kelly

"The education I received far surpassed my expectations. I am proud of myself for doing this ad completing what I had set out to do. Don't doubt yourself, enroll, even if its a small glimmer in your head" - Michele

300Hr Starting This Summer

Big picture
We are happy to announce that our 300hr finally kicks off this summer, in July 2021

This will be an 18 month program that will consist of 7 different modules.

This 300hr training is a blended model of in person training and virtual, however it should be noted that at this time, the vast majority of the training is in person, but modules will be recorded for those who can not attend to do on their own time for completion.

Module 1 is the 18 month continual training focusing on building your voice as a teacher with intent on building spirituality and continuing the journey as an ever evolving Yogi.

Modules 2-7, can be taken when they are offered independently and accrued towards a 300hr at the time of your own completion.

Module 1- 190hrs

Guide to Spirituality

18 months of Virtual Weekly Lives and Monthly In Person meetings.

1 Weekly class must be taken through out training to maintain personal practice

Diving into spiritual texts

A Course In Miracles

The Bhagavad Gita

The Upanishads

We will explore these texts, their concepts and how the apply to our lives as we grow as yogis, but further more how we can explore them within our teaching.

Begins July 25th- In Person From 8-4pm

Then weekly Virtual Meetings

Monthly In Person Meetings

*Schedule to Be Determined with Trainees*

Investment: $1777.00

Module 2-23hrs

Honing Your Voice as A Yoga Teacher

Exploring authenticity in your teaching

Finding your voice off the mat

Language activities to build a library of effective cues

Learning to rely on your words rather than the pose

September 2021


Module 3-23Hrs

Advanced Sequencing

Sequencing all different styles and types of classes

Sequencing for privates and special populations

Gaining your creativity through sequence

Building classes with simplicity and effortlessly

January 2022


Module 4- 23hrs

Extensive Anatomy for the Yoga Teacher

Injuries and how to help our students

When the body is misaligned and why

What people think, and what is often going on in the body


Yin Yoga for Injuries

Strengthening common areas of weakness

Stabilizing the core

April 2022


Module 5- 23hrs

Lifestyle of a Yogi

Diving deep into the sister science of Ayurveda and how it assists in yoga

Exploring our duty as Yogic beings, and sharing with others

Business aspects to grow and expand in your career

July 2022


Module 6-25hrs

Energy Systems

Energy systems in the body, and how to explore them.

Getting acquainted with your own energy systems, and identifying areas of strength and weakness

Learning and utilizing core concepts of Reiki, for oneself and as a teacher (this is not to confuse with a Reiki Certification)

September 2022


Module 7

Graduation Module-20hrs

This Module is to be taken when you have completed all other modules. Modules can be taken on their own as a collective to gain all of your 300hr. Once all other modules have been taken the Graduation Module will be taken, where hours of completion

will be demonstrated by teaching and sharing one's experience with others.

Graduation: January 2023

This training will be lead by Studio owner and Lead Teacher Dani Viskovich 500-E-RYT and is in accordance with the Yoga Alliance standards, guests teachers and experts will be guest lectures throughout the training.

Payment Options

Option 1

Each Module can be paid for in full or for a fixed 4 month payment plan of $111, for modules 2-6, and a payment plan of $99 per month for the 18 Months of Module 1&7.

Option 2

If one choose to enroll as a full complete 300hr trainee, taking all modules 1-7 for the whole duration of the 18 months, the price for the whole training will be discounted to $3555.55, and personalized payment plans can be set up on based of needs of the student.

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