Toddler Schedule

My 2 year old Boy

What my child did this morning.

At 7:15, my child woke up and went to the dinner table. I fed my child 4 large strawberries on one, whole wheat, blueberry waffle with cream cheese. Some kiwi and blueberries, with an orange slice to create a smile. For his choice of beverage,to get all of the nutrients in, I gave him half a cup of milk. I create a fun little smiley face for my child with a variety of color.

From 8:00 to 10:45

My child, after being done with his breakfast, went to the potty. He washed his hands and brushed his teeth. Then at 9:00, we went into the living room to watch Paw Patrol for 30 minutes. After that, from 9:30 to 10:45, we played with blocks, painted on the art easel, and colored in a coloring book.