Daisy Carter

Target Marketing

Is a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately is merchandise.

Marketing Mix

1. Product

2. Place

3. Price

4, Promotion

Marketing Strategies

A good Market stratefies should come from market research and to focus on the right product mix to be able to acommplish the maximum profit potential and keep up with the business.

Marketing Segmentation

Market Segmenation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a braod target market into sections of consumers, business, or countries who have related needs and rules, plus desinging and implementing stategies to target them. Cousumers. Are anybody that uses that product (uses the scarf)Business.Stores where ever you shop should have something considering accessories. (Ex: JC Penny's, Belks, Khol's) anything store clothing wise... Theses businesses sell scarfs not based mainly on it, but does sell it.Countries.Who dosen't sale scarves? You can find this accessory anywhere.Even from New York, to China. Different places different styles!

Counsomers vs. Costumers

Consumers are people who use the product. Costumers are people who buy the product.

Example: A family goes shopping. The child is the consumer because she's going to be wearing a scarf. The Mom is the costumer because she bought the scarf.