Charla Anderson's Class News

Half way through the first 6 weeks

Friday, September 12th was the 15th Day of School

September 12th was the half-way mark of the first 6 weeks period. Consequently, your child's PROGRESS REPORT was sent home today. Please sign and return it, so I know you are seeing the progress report.

Remember it will not include a grade for science. Science just started this week and those grades will be on the report card for the first 6 weeks in October.

Math Homework

Math homework has begun. Students will receive homework on Fridays. It is due the following Thursday. It can be turned in anytime before Thursday. Because story problems and math facts are so prevalent in math, the homework will offer practice of solving a Story Problem in several ways and math facts fluency. On tests, students are expected to prove their answers using at least one the of ways the homework shows: ten frame, number line/path, picture and always a number sentence. In class, we even act out the stories. Students also compose their own story problems in second grade. So, let your child write story problems at home. Let them send them in with the homework.

Also, let your child practice math fluency with cards, dominoes, dice, even the classic flash cards. Please include subtraction. There are apps and websites your child may enjoy as well. 15 minutes a day would be IDEAL!!!!! This six weeks we are practicing the ways to make 10, like:

0 + 10

1 + 9

2 + 8

3 + 7

4 + 6

5 + 5 etc.

These facts need to be as fluent as sight words in reading. From here we will study near tens and doubles.

One game we play is Battle with a deck cards.

How to play: A card is turned over and the person who can say the number that goes with that card number to make 10 wins that card. If the student tie, the battle continues until someone clearly speaks the fastest and the winner takes all the cards of that battle. It is so much fun. We practice weekly and before each timed fluency test. One day the students actually preferred to play this instead of iPads. Go figure.

I am so proud of my students effort on the homework. We checked it in pairs and then had a whole class discussion about ah-hahs and strategies. Everyone did a very good job on the first math homework of the year. Kudos!!!!!

Monday Folders are here!!!

On Mondays, your child will bring home the Greens Prairie Monday folder holding graded papers and assignments. These assignments are for you to keep. Please take a look at the work your child has done. You will see your child's math journal at the Parent/Teacher conference in October. You will be very proud.

NOTE: The yellow daily folder is to travel to and from school daily.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we have studied the difference between rural, suburban and urban communities, as well as neighborly behavior. The students have also learned about leaders and symbols of Greens Prairie Elementary, our local, state and national governments. We will revisit these facts again later, but they know about our Principal Mrs. Bairrington, Mayor Nancy Berry, Governor Rick Perry and President Obama.

PLACE VALUE in Math Class

In math,, we are studying 4 ways to represent a number. Second graders are now responsible for understanding place value of numbers up to 1,200. The 4 ways to represent a number are:

* the STANDARD way - 1,199

* reading the Word Form - One thousand, one hundred ninety-nine

* Expanded Form - 1,000 + 100 + 90 + 9 = 1, 199 and

* Pictorial Form - We have base ten blocks and the students literally build the numbers.

We are having fun with games and the math manipulative to master these skills. So, next week, ask your child what the answer is to 1,200 - 200. We will be adding and subtracting 10 or 100 or 1000 as soon as next week. Seeing the addition and subtraction of the ten rod or hundred flat or the thousand block, really helps the student to understand the concept of addition or subtraction much better.

3 more Kindergarten COLOR Days

Thursday color is BLACK

Friday's color is GRAY

Monday's colors will be MAROON AND WHITE.