Social Benefits

for the Hotel&Community

Social Benefits for the Hotel and Community

Awards and other things that benefit a hotel socially and set them apart from the others.
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Wyndham Hotels

Wyndham Green Toolbox, a proprietary, online environmental management system, which we developed to manager our energy, emissions, water and waste performance company-wide this has helped them becoming the number greenest hotel. They have many awards because of this. Social it helps them because it brings in more customers because they know its a good hotel and also customers know coming here is saving the environment which can increase their customers. It saving the environment because the hotel is able to to see how much water and waste their using or producing.
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Palace Hotel

Palace hotel rewards it's guests with 500 of Starwood Preferred guest points every day they deny room service to promote that the less water and energy and other resources we use the better. Social this draws more customers to the ones who could use those points and also environmentally it using less water and energy.
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Hilton Hotel

InterfaceFLOR carpet tile in the prototype guestroom meets CRI Green Label Plus Certified air quality standards and a Platinum rating for the NSF 140 sustainable carpet assessment standard. It contains 35-36 percent pre-consumer recycled content and 33 percent post-consumer recycled content, equaling approximately 70 percent total recycled content. The Hilton's hotels. Social if people want to help save the environment the more likely to go here and environmentally they are reusing and recycling things.

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