February 16th-19th

Dear Parents,

I hope you a had an enjoyable three day weekend! Last week was a great week with the field trip and our Valentine's celebration. The kids loved it! This week we will have a the all school mass on Thursday and Stations of the Cross on Friday at 2:15. All are welcome to attend.

The Six Flags reading logs will be due February 26th. Thank you for bringing in Boxtops for our class. Since, this week is another short week we will be splitting up Saxon Phonics, however, still be taking our pre-test this week. Please pay close attention to test dates below. Have a good week!

Week Plans

Reading and Phonics: We will be splitting up the Phonics lessons.

* vowel/consonant, vowel syllable division rule

* and the open unaccented vowel rule

In Reading and Writing we will be focusing on The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.

Writing: We will be using The Snowman and recreating our own class book this week in writing.

Math: This week we will be beginning Chapter 4 and learning about graph interpretation. Please continue practicing math facts at home. I see that they are getting the hang of it!

Religion: We will begin chapter 17 and learn about the sacrament of Baptism. We will continue our discussion and reflection on Lent.

Test Dates

February 19th: D.O.L Test #17

February 19th: Angel of God Test

February 23rd: Religion Test of Chapter 17

February 23rd: Saxon Phonics Assessment and Spelling Test over words: her, made, stringy, number, my, packed, feelings, shall, soon, tell, want, and don't. Sentences: My little dog likes to nap with me. He snores and cuddles on my lap. After he wakes up, he wants to run.