The End of an Amazing Year. Hello 2016!

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I know we have all had our ups and downs this past year. But that is one of the many things I love about what unites us all in doTERRA, is that it bonds us together into a great, caring, powerful team! Making those friendships, praying for each other, helping each other, it is all such an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful to be a small part of.

Our family is so excited to have finally moved into our home. It is far from finished but we did finally get a bathroom sink hooked up yesterday!! Laren, my husband is cancer free and his surgical incision is almost completely healed! And doTERRA is such a great vehicle to share hope and friendships with those around us. I feel very blessed.

Looking to 2016 with GREAT anticipation. It is going to be an amazing year! I hope to meet and work with many of you this New Year and support and continuing to pray for each of you. Hoping we ALL learn much about the oils, those of us who are sharing and doing the business to increase our understanding and leadership skills and hoping each of us finds a new passion in life, finding those things that bring us the greatest joys, and finally but most importantly learning more about ourselves the good, the bad and especially those character traits we have that we never realized we had that make us who we are.

Questions to ask ourselves: What is my best means of communicating? When is the best time to connect with my team up line/down line, when is it the worst? What are my goals for this year, January, this week, and today? What are my strengthens, where do I need to grow? What are my pet peeves? What makes me laugh? What is my best learning style? Which oil is my very favorite? Which oil have I never gotten to try yet? How much sleep do I need to function well? What can I do to make sure I get the amount I need? Am I drinking enough water? What are my paper giants or toothless lions that stop me from doing the things I need to do? What do I fear? Do I love sharing doTERRA? What do I need to do to become a better leader? When am I headed to Elite Retreat? What frontline leaders am I taking with me when I go to Elite Retreat? How many of my members are going with me to CONVENTION? How many classes am I teaching each month? Am I afraid to teach classes? What do I avoid doing? What do I LOVE about doTERRA? Is it worth my time to read this newsletter?

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CONGRATULATIONS for Sharing and Caring for those around You!! Looks like the NW and the SE are the winners! But so excited to be adding team members from Costa Rica! Yay!


Gail Skarloken - Oregon

Maria Llanes - Florida


Lucrecia Valvede Zamora - Costa Rica!

Tina Inabinette - South Carolina

Jean Larson - Oregon

Lliam Valdez - Florida

Jodie Orser - Idaho

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4 Andrea Rittenour - Idaho

3 Tina Inabinette - South Carolina

2 Cindy Grigsby - Oregon

2 Bertilia Rondon - Florida

1 Sheryl Porter - Colorado

1 Jean Larson - Oregon

1 Terrie King - Oregon

1 Maria Llanes - Florida

Look at all the sharing that happened this month around the USA!!

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Let's Welcome Our Newest Team Members from the last 60 days!

Maureen Acuna Cascante - Costa Rica!

Erin Banwell - Oregon

Eva Beveridge - Idaho

Christy Burns - Oregon

Marile Estrada - Florida

Ramiro Flores - Colorado

Leola Hall - Idaho

Tina Inabinette - South Carolina

Kathy Keyes - Idaho

Linda McDowell - South Carolina

Susan McIntyre - South Carolina

Sharon Osborne - Oregon

Tony Pallone - California

Sheryl Porter - Colorado

Verla Powers - Idaho

Ana Lucia Rodriguez Salas - Costa Rica!

Mercedes Rufin - Florida

Linda Stolley - Idaho

Liliam Valdez - Florida

Rita Young - South Carolina

Lena Adams - Thailand!

WELCOME, WELCOME!! So excited to see how we are growing! Just by simply sharing and caring for people that are all around us! What is really amazing is those here are new to doTERRA and are already sharing with others! When you believe in something you just have to share with those who will be blessed with it also! Please ask the person who enrolled you to "Friend" you on FB and add you to our team FB Group Page - (It's name will be changing soon)!

Great Membership Opportunities

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Upcoming On-Line Classes

Check these classes out that will be happening on January 4th 2016

See the following videos for more understanding about the compensation and business aspects of doTERRA.

pipeline seth risenmay
Part 1-Justin Harrison (doTERRA Master Distributer) talks about the doTERRA business.
What you MUST KNOW FIRST to make money with doTERRA

Goals for 2016 (Personal, Interrelation, Financial, Family, Fitness, Business, etc.)

What are your goals for 2016? Everyone that pm, emails me or posts on our FB group page what 3-5 of your goals are for 2016, they will be shared in next months newsletter and you will be entered into a chance to win a bottle of Slim & Sassy Oil! Love to hear what you are striving for!
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Laren & Donna Stafford

Moved into our house in December!! Far from done inside or out but we have a home again! So excited for 2016, for you and all that this year will be! Thank you for each one of you and all that you are and how you contribute to helping those around you! What a GREAT TEAM!! May you be blessed this coming new and fresh year!!