If I Was the School Leader of CHPS

Ryan Vilaythong for school leader.

The Essence of a Good School Leader

Many people think a school leader needs to be governing but that's not what a real leader requires.Helen Keller once said "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement." She was right. A real leader needs to be themselves and not force yourself to do something you don't want. They also should have the pride in what he or she does. Although some people look like their acting crazy, it's what they do. Don't do what they're doing unless you are asked to. What I'm saying is that you have do what you have to do. People that don't like doing what they do are not school leaders. You have to have the attitude of a school leader.

My Qualities

I am all of the above listed reasons of what makes a great leader and to top it all up, I am very trustworthy and I have never spilled a secret. I also do this from the heart, meaning that I have passion in what I do.

What I will do

When I am school leader, I will make the school a better place by urging people to dispose rubbish more. I will also raise the non bulling safety act in or not in reality so people don't get bully as much as they used to. I would even allow games that shouldn't be banned to be played.
So, my name is Ryan Vilaythong. If you want to vote for me, than good. If you don't want to vote for me, it's also ok.