New Year, New Priorities

What will you do for YOU?

Preparing to Soar in 2016

First, I'd like to start-off by saying a big "Thank You" to all of you who supported me as I began my business in 2015. Whether you are a preferred customer, bought something small to give the products a try, and/or are one of my avid cheerleaders, you all are wonderful and I'm so thankful!

That being said, I have some pretty lofty goals for 2016:

1. First and foremost: Support my customers in their journey to great skin,

2. Continue my training in business practice to prepare for our continuing global expansion into Australia and Asia this year and

3. Continue to build my team to help others reap the social, personal, and financial benefits of this new-age, work from anywhere at anytime, business model.

I have some great incentives this month for those of you who may be interested in starting your own business, deals for Regimen orders, and details on my referral program! Please read on :)

January Freebies with all Regimen orders!

This month, I'm happy to offer you your choice of a free* product with all regimen orders (this deal is good for new and current preferred customers)!

*Item must be added to your cart and I will reimburse you.

**Save 20% on our award winning tools when purchased as a Regimen bundle.

"If I had to guess, social commerce is the next to blow up." -Mark Zuckerberg

Curious about what this business is about? What it entails? Start-up risks and cost?

  • How does an extra $500, $1000, $5000 a month sound?*
  • You don't need to be a salesperson. You don't need a fancy degree. You don't even need a lot of extra time. You just need the drive and determination to build the life that you want.
  • I am not your boss. You are your boss. This is your business to do what you want with. However, training and your business launch will be led by yours truly and an amazing support network of 450+ business savvy men and women. I (we) will always be available as a mentor when needed.
  • A variety of business starter kits are available, ranging from $45 and up. January is the last month to enroll and qualify for the option to earn your ENTIRE INVESTMENT back. I'm also personally offering $50 cash towards the start-up of your business with qualifying business kits.
  • Like our products, the business comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Gave it a go? Wasn't your thing? No biggie. You'll never know if you don't try, and yes, we'll give you your money back.

So what are you waiting for? There are thousands of success stories already, and we have just barely started our global expansion. Opportunity is knocking, the rest is up to you! Please contact me and we can chat about whether or not this is right for you. If it is, we can create a plan to fit your budget, achieve your goals, and launch your very own business!

*Income disclosure statement

I love you, I love referrals, and I love to give away stuff!

Love your products (want more for free?)?

Know someone who would love these products?

Know someone who could benefit from the social, personal and financial benefits of this business?

I've started an amazing referral program!

  • Refer a friend/family member that becomes a preferred customer and earn $25 in product credit!!!
  • Refer a friend/family member that becomes a business partner and earn $50 in product credit!!!

Get on the phone! Text your people! You know the products work, and your friends will thank you. The $$$ adds up fast!

Recognizing an Amazing Opportunity

I'm so excited to welcome Kelly to my growing team! Kelly started out as one of my Preferred Customers in November and fell in love with the products (she's quite the skincare buff, so that's a HUGE compliment!). After talking to her friends and family, Kelly quickly realized that she could either send all her interested contacts to me, or she could take her piece of the pie and start her own Rodan + Fields Consultant business. Coming from a recruiting and sales background, Kelly is looking forward to being back in a goal-oriented setting and making some extra money for her and her family. The biggest draw to this business for Kelly is that this will not disrupt her current lifestyle- she'll still be able to be at home (and anywhere life takes her) with her two young children and work her business on her own time around her kids' schedules and her and her husband's busy life! I'm thrilled that Kelly recognized this life-changing opportunity at such a critical point within this growing company, and I look forward to our team's future success and growth!

Contact Information

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to interested parties. The sharing of my contact information is allowed for those who are or may be interested in products and business opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.