February Newsletter


Hello Families,

I can’t thank you enough for all your support at home as we continue to navigate learning through this Pandemic. Like everyone else we are looking forward to having all this behind us and returning to times without masks and attending school with all our peers.

In the meantime, I continue to ask for your support to ensure learning is a priority. It is very important that students attend face-to-face on their in-school days and they follow the expectations for their off- campus days. We want our students to strive for the best they can be attaining the credits they are enrolled in or reaching a proficient level in their studies.

Please reach out to us at any time for additional support or any needed resources. Striving to have our students succeed is our goal.

Take Care,

Jay Nichol

Student Services Office


Preparing you with the essential skills and competencies you need to achieve your dreams is our passion. Helping you become more aware of yourself, your interests and what drives you enables you to make wise career choices that will ultimately shape your future. Come visit us for information on scholarships, post-secondary requirements, credit checks, portfolio creation, job shadowing, career testing and individual career counseling. Please visit the Student Services Office or call 306-445-6101 to set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor. Mrs. Wilkinson – kara.wilkinson@lsysd.ca Mr. Halushka – james.halushka@lskysd.ca


Planning on graduating in 2021, make sure that you are signed up for the Grad 2021 Google Classroom. We are posting information about scholarships, university virtual open houses, grad information and more.

Code to join for our Grade 12 students: tdd7wca


Keep an eye on the NBCHS Website for our 2021 Scholarships. They can be found under STUDENTS and CAREER DEVELOPMENT tabs. All scholarships are organized on the website by month that they are due. Scholarships are becoming available each month and will be updated/posted once available.

Don’t miss out on all the amazing scholarships that are offered!!


Our counsellors provide both social and personal counselling. Additionally, our counsellors offer confidential discussions of personal concerns, provide decision making skills, conflict resolution, and mediation. They are also able to make referrals to outside agencies/services, provide reference materials and help with addictions counselling.

Please visit the Student Services office if you would like to set up an appointment with one of our counsellors.


Additionally, our school liaison works as a support for the students and families within the school. This includes helping with attendance, conducting home visits, referring to agencies within the community, the breakfast/lunch program and working to enhance the student’s lives with groups and other programming. If you have any questions for our School Liaisons, Ms. Fiddler or Ms. Warren, please stop in the Student Services or call 306-445-6101.


Mrs. Forgrave: Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Wilkinson: Academic Advisor/Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Mr. Halushka: Academic Advisor

Mr. Palmer: School Counsellor

Mrs. Humenny: School Counsellor

Ms. Fiddler: School Liaison

Ms. Warren: School Liaison

Mrs. Zanyk: School Counsellor

Mrs. Friedrich: School Counsellor

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The Block System & Attendance

We are using a Block system instead of semesters this year. Every Block is approximatley two months long with students only having two classes a day. We are currently in Block three - January 8th - March 4th. The classes in the Block system tend to be heavy in content - one day is like two and a half days. Attendance is more important now than ever. Off-campus days, are still considered school days and it is important to engage in school work on these days. While attendance is a crucial part of academic success, please do not come to school if you are feeling sick or have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Communicate with the school or teacher if you are not able to attend class.

We realize this year has been thoughly challenging. Thank you to all students and families who were able to switch to online learning when the school was closed for two weeks. We continue to recognize and thank students and families as they navigate the Blended Learning model we are currently using - A-K & L-Z, each group alternating every second day.

Please take a look at the February calandar to the left to see the days that your child attends school face-to-face.


What is the Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative or the POP Program?

The Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative is a program modeled after Alberta’s very successful Mental Health Program that has been in place for 13+ years. The intent of the program is to build capacity within the students, staff, parents and community in the area of mental health.

This program does not provide counselling but aids in streamlining the access to services for those who require them.

The staff of the Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative provide support in classrooms that tie to curriculum outcomes.

Who are the staff?

Nikki Fidelak is the Mental Health Capacity Building Promoter at NBCHS. She provides support to students and to the staff of the school and brings a mental health lens to all her work.

Erin Woytiuk is the Mental Health Capacity Building Promoter at NBCHS and JPII. She oversees the program to ensure mandate of the program is being followed. She also assists the promoters when needed.

The P.O.P. Room is next to the Gateway Room. Stop by and say Hi!


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to host Student Led Conferences in the school. However, we are committed to ensuring communication regarding NBCHS students. Students have been asked to have a conversation with parents or caregivers regarding their progress in each class using a conversation guide provided by each of their teachers.

During the week of Feb. 1-5th each student should be having a conversation with their parent/guardian using this conversation guide.

Teachers will make themselves available during the week of Feb. 8-12 for phone calls or video conferences if requested. Information regarding their availability will be included with the student conversation sheet. Arrangements for follow up conversations will be made directly with teachers through email.


The B.E.A.T.S. Encounter group is happy to share that our homegrown series “Check Your Connection” is trucking along with interesting content for young and old alike. So far we’ve had contributions from Sakewew High School, NBCHS, Connaught, EMBM, Battlefords Central School, Boys and Girls Club, Concern for Youth, Drumming Hill, and Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch. Work on Episode 3 has begun and more will follow. If you would like to get involved, or get your class involved feel free to send us a message at beats.encounter@gmail.com. There are many ways to take part with images, art work, interviewing, filming, photography, music creation and more so if you’d like a place to share some of your skills or to learn a few new ones let us know. Check our YouTube channel “BEATS Encounter” to see the films we’ve produced so far!

The Breakfast & Lunch Program

NBCHS has a Breakfast & Lunch Program for $10/mth (ask about our school sponsored spots). During COVID, we have had to change the way the program works. Currently, we offer Grab-and-Go Breakfast Bags. These contain a fruit, a muffin & a granola bar. Breakfast bags can be picked up at the Canteen. Lunch is in the cafeteria. Students go through the sandwich line and can ask for a grilled cheese sandwich or a sandwich with their choice of meat and toppings. Along with the sandwich, students recieve a juice box and a piece of fruit. If interested in more info, please talk to one of our School Liaisons at 306-445-6101.

First Steps Daycare

First Steps Daycare is attached to the NBCHS building. This daycare is primarilary for NBCHS and North West Regional College students. There are currently spots available for all ages - infant, toddler & preschool. If you attend NBCHS or North West Regional College and need child care, please call Rejeanne at 306-446-2411. She will answer all of your questions.
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If any students need pants, shirts, sweaters, etc, please come to the SSO and check it out!


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8th-12th - Student-Led Conferences

15th -19th - Winter Break (No classes)

24th - Early Dismissal

February Student Schedule (2weeks) - Picture to the right.


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