HWA Academy Good News 4

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Well done to you all

Year 11 you have impressed many of us this week with your excellent attitude to learning in tutor time, particularly when you worked in the canteen during your house assemblies. The autonomy that many of your are showing about your working practice is excellent and will be a real asset when you reach the 6th form, College or your Apprenticeship.

In the words of Mr Bevan :

'There is a really pleasant, positive, mature attitude around Y11 at the moment'

There is an abundance of Good News to share this week so lets get started . . .


We have continued to be impressed by the turnout at Maths revision every Wednesday. This started in September and hasn’t dropped off at any point!

Those students who have attended the revision sessions regularly are really seeing the benefit, they are organised for their revision and certainly will have success in the summer.
Well done!!

Miss Thorne & the Maths Department


I was really impressed with my year 11 Science BTEC group getting on with Maths revision in their Science lesson, keep up the good work!

In particular; Jordan Sirl, Terry Wise, Sam Delve, Joe Cooper, George Churchill and Theo John.

Ms David


The GCSE PE moderation went really well with students performing well to ensure that all marks were at least confirmed and agreed (with the odd mark here slightly increasing).

Really positive.

Mr Swanton

BTEC Sport

Well done to all the BTEC Sport students who have worked incredibly hard to prepare for their exam today. Hopefully the breakfast helped your brain power! Feedback from both invigilators said how excellent you all were in the exam rooms, even with the problems with the IT!!

A special mention to the following students for attending a lot of the revision sessions that have been put on:

Zak Rivera, Cory Langdon, Mitchell Bryant, Tom Richards, Lilly Clapp, Lydia Britt, Ross Howes, Tom Payne, Adam Young and Connor Stone.

Now the big push is to get your coursework all completed to a high standard.


We had almost 40 Year 11 students at our poetry revision after school again on Tuesday. Some of the girls decided they wanted to stay after everyone had gone to do some of their own revision in the classroom, they were discussing meanings of poems and all analysing the language and making notes on their anthology. I was so impressed with them!

Mrs Spring

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Pastry Perfection!

Ms Postlethwaite’s Yr11 Food Tech class have been working hard researching the theme for their exam paper. On Monday we produced lemon tart, quiche, bakewell tarts, jam tarts, treacle tart and choux buns! Next lesson we will be focusing on how these products will be produced in industry. They have been working so hard.


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DT Food

Excellent effort in DT yesterday’s revision session!! All groups were engaged and motivated!

Post 16

Post 16


Congratulations to the Chemistry AS group for achieving some wonderful and improved grades on their second F332 mock!


Well done to Luke Newell, Matthew Walter, Hannah Williams, Toby Durnford, Michael McCormick and Jacob Davies for completing their EPQs this week. Some wonderful projects!!!! And some fantastic grades!!!!!!

Dr Holland


Congratulations to my 7 amazing A level Photographers. You have worked so hard over this whole year to become brilliant artists in your own right. You have gotten up at the crack of dawn to shoot sunrises, modelled for each other in the dark room (some of you enjoyed that too much) and wandered the streets of Bristol for miles looking for the right tower block to complete your architecture project.

I could not have had a better and more consistently up for it group, you tackled your 3 day exam with energy and enthusiasm the results of which are below.

Thanks for a great 2 years, remember if you do nothing else 'devote yourselves to an idea'

Mrs Tushingham

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