The boy who saved baseball!

By: Ashlee Jorgenson


The theme of the story is always believe in yourself


Doc is a wise old man who gives good edvise to tom, he treates every one with respect and he has a soft heart. He dose not jude any body. He is a nice old man who loves the game of baseball. Doc remindes me of my friend mykenah she is nice kind hearted and gives good edvise.

The boy who saved baseball

My favorite part in the book is when Tom read the messege that Doc wrote him in his dream jurnal.Doc wrote his will to Tom that he and his family googd have his belongings when he died


Tom change in the story. First he did not belivie in his team or him self but now he dose he relised that if he puts is mind to somthing he can do it and cruz help him figuer it out.

My hero

My hero is my mom she loves me, she is my best friend and, i think she is the most awesome presonthat i have every meet.