Freshman at Last

By: Donald Andrews

A New English Experience

Hello, and welcome to ninth grade English. My name is Donald Andrews and I was in Mrs. Allen's Honors English 9 class. Mrs. Allen is a really cool teacher. She knows how to have fun but also gets things done when it is time to. You will get a lot of projects and books but if you stay organized and listen to her telling you not to procrastinate you will be fine.


Divergent was by far my favorite book to read out of all of the stories we read. It may seem long when you first get it and you have to read it over Christmas break but once you start to read it you really get into the book and it becomes enjoyable. You also get some really fun projects to do with this book but it is a group assignment so Mrs. Allen makes it very enjoyable. My advice for this book is to not wait until like four days before break is over to start reading it because it is a pretty long book.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey was actually not a very bad read. You have to give that a chance because it may seem long but it does not take very long to read. Mrs. Allen gets it done in a couple of weeks and she gives out a lot of projects o do during that span but none of them are very time consuming. You also have time to do some of them in Mrs. Whitings class. I enjoyed all of the action in it and if you enjoy action then you will enjoy it too.

A Raisin in the Sun

This was one of my least favorite books but it was one of the shortest. Mrs. Allen did not give many projects to do during this and I enjoyed that. My favorite character was Asagai because it was fun listening to people read his part. My least favorite character was Walter because he was moody and selfish and did not listen to anyone.


Poetry was the final thing we studied during the year. I enjoyed it but you have to keep up with the work and not procrastinate. You will get a lot of projects to do during this but you get a partner for some of them and if you do them progressively then it is not that bad. You have to write one large poem but it is not that bad if you work on it when you have time.

Independent Reading

Mrs. Allen gave us a lot of opportunities to read books that we like. I enjoyed some of the books we read but some of them not so much. One of the books I read was Unwind and that was an interesting book to read. We got a couple of projects during that so it wasn't bad. My favorite book was the last one I read which was Twisted. It was such a good book that I read it in two days. We had to make a podcast for that book and it was not so bad.

My Favorite

My favorite thing to do over the year were the puppet shows. We got to spend part of the day down at the elementary school. I enjoyed spending all the time with my group trying to create an interesting play for the little kids. The best part was watching the other groups plays and hearing the funny voices they made.

Not So Favorite

My least enjoyable thing over the year was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I did not like the book and was not interested while reading it. I also did not enjoy the projects over the summer. I was not very happy when I found out that we were having the summer assignment. Also I just did not like the book. I thought it was boring and there was not any interesting parts in it.

How to pass English

I have a lot of advice to pass your ninth grade English class. First thing to do is do not procrastinate. Do your projects progressively if not you will be in over your head with projects and you will be extremely stressed. Also, keep all of your papers organized. Mrs. Allen tells you where the papers should go and gives you a chance to put them in there. It will make life so much easier because come time for the binder check you will not be worried about getting papers you do not have and putting them in their right place and filling them out. Finally, make Mrs. Allen laugh. She is a much more enjoyable teacher when you have fun and she is a funny teacher but you do have to do your work when it is time.

Top 5 Ways to Do Your Projects.

1. First off read the book or story. If you read the article then the projects become eassy to do because you know everything in the story, You could explain the story without it if you actually read it.

2. Listen in class. Mrs. Allen goes over how to do all the projects and if you listen carefully the projects become very easy.

3. Do not wait until the night before a project is due to finally start it. If you wait so long you just become stressed and then you are not paying attention in classes because you are worried about finishing a project.

4. Go someplace where you can concentrate. These projects are normally large projects and if you keep getting distracted then you will never get finished. I recommend going someplace like your room and turning on music and doing the projects that way. If you have people talking or you have the TV on then there is a possibility that you will get distracted.

5. Have a good time while doing these. Some of these projects like the puppet show are meant for you to have a good time with a group of people while doing your work . If you are mean and do not want to cooperate with others then thee projects are going to be hard.

Finally, some inspirational quotes to get you by 9th grade English

"Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." ~Muhammad Ali

"Remember that guy who gave up? Neither does anybody else." ~ Unknown