Type I, Type IV, Type VI

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What EDS effects.

their are 6 majors types of EDS. This little girl right here has type 1 which gives her joints hyper mobility. EDS is syndromeit affects connective tissue whit the skin. Which is basically means people with that type of EDS can strech their skin out really supernautrally like far. The main parts of the body this desease affects is the skin joins and blood vessels.
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"The symptoms of EDS can be Joint hypermobility ( laxity ) soft strechy fragile skin" Some other symptoms are that you can encounter some strange scaring and if you get any cuts of woods it will be really hard for them to heal also you will get bruses very easily. " headache, cranio-cervical and cervical instability, dysautonomia, including POTS and gastrointestinal." They are some other symptoms that deals wih pain in your abdomin along with montily disorder. Although some people might find this deases amusing it can be very painful.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: My Story & FAQ's
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: An Overview
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The reason people will get Ehlers-Danlos syndrme is due to genetic disorders which are more than likely inhearited."There are three patterns of inheritance for EDS: autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, and X-linked (extremely rare)." ( lynn Sanders ph.1) As many things as i have read the only way to get EDS is if it was inherated by your parents. Scientist say that the dease is linked to the x and it is ressesive. Many deseases like this one fall on your x chromeosome.

How EDS is inherited/treatment for EDS

The know EDS patterns that are inherited are maily domnant. But they have found that some cases of EDs can be autisimal recessive. EDS is not on a particullar chromosome since it is a mutation of a certain gene. Yes EDS is also sex linked since it is inhaireted from parents. Their are some different treatments for EDS you can get pain medicane and blood pressure drugs. If you have the type where it affects your joints you can even do physical therapy. There is no gene therapy type treatment for EDS.


EDS is normally examened and diagnosed through physical things like how far your skin will strech and stuff. Also they have diagnoses EDS through medical history to see if its common or not in your family. YEs genetic counseling is an option it will help you deal with EDS better and go through your familys past so you will understand the pattern.


EDS is not a very common deases or a common syndrome. Both males and females have an equal chance in geting it. Its not a certain race or sex that gets EDS. Some cases they won't even know they have it until adulthood.

what I discovered.

Through all my research about EDS and what i read I learned a good bit of info. I learned about how it affects the body. Although i think having strechky skin would be cool I wouldn't wish a deases on any one. All types of EDS wouldn't be cool either having it effect your joints wouldn't be fun. I also learned about how they wouldnt know they had it until adulthood I thpught that was pretty crazy. I learend about all the different types of this syndrome and how they were similair and how they differed.