Group 1 members includes:

Gabriela Costa, Kaitlyn Granger, Kevin Dean & Turusma Garner.

The following topics will be covered by the group 1: External Assets - Support, Empowerment, Boundaries/Expectations & Constructive Use of Time.

Boundaries & Expectations

Family Boundaries: Parents rules for children are clearly defined, if rules are broken their will be consequences. Example - John broke his curfew and came in after 10 pm. The consequences for this rule are no electronic/computer devices for 3 weeks.

School Boundaries: John's school has rules to follow. Example - No running in the hallway, John didn't follow this rule so now he is a hall monitor to enforce the rule for a week.

Neighborhood Boundaries: Neighbors are eyes/ears with child's behavior. Example - Block neighborhood came up with a eye/ears parent child watch group to report any unusual behavior from children to their parents.

Adult Role Models: All adults who are positive role models around children. Example - Real Men Real Dreams - A role model group that supports young boys/teenagers & their goals or dreams.

Positive peer influence: Children's friends who are positive role models. Example - John has a friend who is a peer tutor.

High Expectations: Parents, teachers & school staff expect the best from their children. Example - John is encouraged at school to be an all around student (i.e strive for honor roll, sports, extra school activities - drama, debate, spanish clubs, volunteer, peer mentor & tutor.


Community values youth: Child feels like the things that he doe's at school & home are appreciated by everyone. Example - Student receive good grades & volunteers to walk the neighbors dog.

Children as resources: Child has an input on decisions in his neighborhood. Example - Student's are invited to a police anti-drug meeting to talk about ways to avoid drugs.

Services to others: Child doing community service in the community. Example - Child participates in meals on wheels and assist in providing meals to the elderly.

Safety. Child feels safe at all times throughout the day. Example - Child is free to go to the park and play without any danger in a safe environment.

School-Based Mentoring Programs - A Counselor's View


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