The Giver

Lowry, Lois

Alyse Sanner

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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Jonas, a twelve, got assigned a job when he and all the other elevens turned twelve. his job was a very secretive, honored, and painful job. He was the receiver of memory. this means that he will know everything from the time the earth began. He could also "see beyond" and has an undescribable amount of knowledge.

The Giver

The Giver was the past receiver, now growing too old to hold the memories. his job is more painful than Jonas's because he holds plenty more that are horrifying and haunting. He is very strong, wise, and knowledgeable.


In a small town, a community actually, everything is the same. Their world is colorless, pain free, and clueless of everything. Politeness and lying are against the rules. Punishment is not taken lightly. Nobody knows or understands the term "release". No one is allowed to. The people are practically brainwashed. They know only of what they are good at and enjoy, nothing else. There are surrounding communities that are exactly the same as the ones they already live in.


Jonas's community is full of sameness. That's the way the government wants life. Everyone sees the same, except the ones with light eyes like Jonas, wears the same style of clothing, a tunic, learn the same, follow the same strict rules, attend the same events, and do the same activities. Jonas, a young boy, turns into a twelve. When children from his community turn into a twelve, they get assigned to a job. All of the kids born within the same year as Jonas, turn into a twelve too. Jonas's job is the receiver of memory. This means that he knows everything from the time the earth began. The giver, the past receiver is Jonas's mentor. They both want to break the sameness and unleash the memories of the past. to do this though, they need each other. Can they do it and break the sameness of the community and make the earth how it used to be, without sameness?

About The Award

The Newbery medal is awarded anualy to the most distinguished American children's book by the American library association. In 1921, Fredrick G. Melcher suggested that the award should be named after the eighteenth-centry English bookseller, John Newbery. The suggestion was actually approved of by the ALA Executive board in 1922. The purpose was, "To encourage original creative work in the field of books for children. To emphasize to the public that contributions to the literature for children deserve similar recognition to poetry, plays, or novels. To give those librarians, who make it their lifework to serve children's reading interests, an opportunity to encourage good writing in this field." The Newbery Award was the first children's book award in the world. It is the best known and most discussed children's book award in this country. Some of the criterias this award requires are interpreting the theme or concept, presentation of information, development of a plot, describing or portraying something precisely, delineation of characters and settings, and appropriateness of style. The books that are chosen for this award have to be truly distinguished. The Newbery award is restricted to authors who are citizens or residents of the United States of America.

About The Author

Lois Lowry was an American young adult novelist. Born March 20, 1937 in the state of Hawaii. Lowry's father was an army officer so she had no real home. She attended Brown University at the age of seventeen and majored in writing. She left the college when she was nineteen to get married. The marriage sadly didn't last long, but the four children did. She lived in Maine when she was first starting her career. A Summer to Die, published in 1977 and one of her first books she has written, was given the International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award . Lois Lowry now lives in an apartment building in Boston.

My Thoughts

I really liked The Giver because it was distinctive, interesting, and different. I tried to predict what would happen but it wasn't ever correct. The book was pretty much unpredictable in other words. Some people would find it confusing but i found it entertaining and satisfying. This book is an award winning book because it fits the criteria, it's original, creative, distinguished, interpreted the concept, it had a good presentation of information, and it delineated the characters and the setting. The Giver was a sorrowful and exciting book. It had many unexpected events but overall, I personally think it was a good book and fit the criteria for the Newbery Award.