By: Istvan Banyai

Zoom in, Zoom out

Zoom in, what do you see? Two children playing on a farm. Zoom out. What do you see? One child playing with a toy farm, but don't stop zooming.


The story first takes place on a farm, then it is just a toy farm and that toy farm is on a magazine and the magazine is being read by someone on this ship and the ship is an ad that is on the side of a bus.


Person on a farm, person on a ship, and a person in the middle of the desert.


My book is about taking a picture and then zooming out like a camera. Also one thing connects to the other and the camera takes you to new places and it even takes you as far as an island. Nothing is how it seams and will it stay that way?

Theme: the author is trying to show you we are just one little speck in this huge world.

This is one of the best wordless picture books I have ever read.

Guaranteed a good book.

My review

i really enjoy this book and i could read it a thousand times because the setting is changing the whole time and so do the characters. This is a different book, but it is a good in my opinion.
Anthony Burr

1st period

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