What's Up in Technology?

By: Callie Dickie

6th Grade Units

The units you will be doing in 6th grade are iTrailer, Explain Everything, Haiku Deck, Coding, Career Locker, and last but not least Learn to Type/Typing Web.

Let's Get Into it!


First iTrailer, in this unit you will be doing an iMovie about either yourself, or about someone else. You can present this to the class if you want to. The main point with this unit is to have fun with what you are doing!

Explain Everything

In this unit you have 10 questions you can chose from. You chose one of them and make a presentation about it and the steps to solve it. Then you share it to Mrs.Myers and she grades you on how well you did, but don't be scared you can do it.

Haiku Deck

In this unit you make a presentation about your dream job. You chose one job (unless you want to be a professional sports player, then you would need a back-up job) and you make a whole presentation about your dream job. In this unit you have to share what you did with the class.


Coding is a fun app that is full of puzzles that you need to complete. You need to complete stages 6, and 7 for a 3, and you need to complete 8, and 9 for a 4. This app makes you learn to code, and it is also a great life skill to have.

Career Locker

Mrs. Vandenbogard teaches this class. She comes in and shows you around in the app. You need to take test to show what kind of learner you are, what kind of person you are, and what kind of job you would be good at!

Learn to Type/Typing Web

The first semester that you're in Technology you have to get done with the first 6 courses in the intermediate course for a 3. You would have to completely complete the course for a 4. Then in the second semester you have to complete 6 courses from where you were in the first semester for a 3, and for a 4 you have to complete the advance course.