The Federal Court System

The structure

Lets Break it down

A.) starts with the THE SUPREME COURT

B.) THE SUPREME COURT breaks down in to the circuit Courts

1.) there are 13 circuit courts in the United States

2.) These courts are known as the Court of Appeals

3.) The circuit courts handle all of the district with in their area

C.) but, What are Districts?

1.) Districts are the break down of the circuit courts.

2.) Districts only associate with their designated circuit court, except they also

associate with the federal court.

D.) but. Whats the Federal Court?

1.) The federal Court is a special court that does not have districts. it works with ALL of

them if need be.

2.) It is the only circuit court not based on geography. It only deals with certain issues

such as

a.) patents

b.) trademarks

c.) anything associated with veterans

d.) infil trade