SMG Kindergarten-A

A is for: All are Absolutely Amazing and Awesome!

Happy Catholic Schools' Week!

We are having a great time celebrating our families, our community, our students, our nation, our vocations, and our faculty and staff! Open House was so much fun. Besides our own class and families, many former KA students (1st grade through high school!), current Pre-K students, parishioners, and visitors to our church and school came by to see the awesome work and hear about our amazing students. It was a fun day! Thank you to all who were able to stop by for a little while!

Some Recent KA Happenings

Assistant Principal Schump

Ms. Schump came to teach a special lesson Thursday morning. If you ask what the new word is we learned from Ms. Schump, we'll tell you "Vocations!" and that it means a special job we do for God. (And we might even pantomime a few of them!) She was a fun teacher and made us eager to find out what else God has in store for us!

Thank yous, Thank yous!

Every student in KA has learned how to make beautiful thank you cards! We have not only made the cards to our parents, but also to Mrs. Emily Breclaw, for making the beautiful quilts; to Ms. Pat Vaselakos at Golden Chick on S. Cooper for the chicken tender meals she gave us for our Christmas party; to the firefighters of Arlington Fire Station #3 on S. Fielder, for keeping us safe; and to Fr. Luke, for just everything about him. Writing thank you cards for birthday gifts should be a piece of cake now!

St. Valentine's Day Observance Changes

The special students of 5A have been wonderful Big Buddies to our class all year. They visited us on Thursday afternoon and we have a beautiful display of Valentine mail boxes in our room as a result. Thank you to all who sent in decorations to add to the collection from prior years, and thank you, everyone, for helping your child prepare Valentine cards for their 14 friends in KA. Cards purchased and prepared are perfect, as are homemade "crafty" cards. Although it is not necessary, little treats, stickers, wrapped candy, etc. may be attached. The cards can be brought to school any time now: tomorrow through next Friday. The students may place them in the Valentine boxes right away. We won't go through our boxes until the card exchange next Friday, the 12th.

I hope everyone got a chance to read Ms. Rios' email saying, due to the start of the solemn Lenten season, the parties are being toned down to a friendship card exchange at some point during the day. Students may bring their own snack, as she suggested, but I'll have plenty for those who need a snack. After the snack, we'll go through those mailboxes and discover what nice cards our friends shared. Sharing God's love through us to our friends is always in season.