for learning & attention issue

"To persons with disabilities, technology is a means of empowerment; denying them that option exacerbates their disability's effects." (Lewis, 1998 p 25).

Why Understood.org?

From Hande's project, I began to discovered more about this non-profit organization website. This program created with 14 nonprofit partners and is a comprehensive online resource for parents and children who have learning and retention issues. This program is response to conversations. Parents always want clear answers and ongoing support to help children thrive in school, at home, and in life. I like the way that this program can connect with parents through email. They can communicate in providing parents with improved personalize resources. This program also offer new tools to help parents through every step of their children's journey.
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"It is invaluable for them (parents) to also become aware of the technologies being used to aid their children, just as aware of the subject matter being taught day to day." (Smith & Kelley, 2007).

How to Use Understood.org at Home

With Understood.org, parents will be able to access much needed tools and advice to guide their child's progress. This website's features are apps and games targeted for specific ages and issues, practical tips for parents dealing with challenges, such as school projects and assignment. Many children may encounter a pressure point and their parents will be forced to dace the same issue. There is no doubt that Understood. org can help smooth this situation.


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