Harriet Tubman

Maria Aurich

Who was she ?

She was an abolitionist, humanitarian, and during the civil war she was a spy!!!

How is Tubman related to the Underground railroad?

Tubman escaped as a young slave and used the railroad 16 times to help put families and friends that wanted to leave this nightmare behind

Fun Facts!!!

Harriet Ross was born into slavery in 1822 in Maryland.

Her nick name was minty

In 1844 she married a free African American

Harriet never had kids of her own

A way to know that you wanted to escape was if you sung Swing low sweet chariot

Later on her husband dies and she marries Nelson Davis

In all its believed she liberated 300 slaves

Did Harriet Tubman win any awards?

She did not win any awards but civil rights schools had and have her very present and a museum that was named after her

why did she do what she did ?

When her slave owner died she was worried about her and fer families fate so she decided that instead of staying in horrible conditions she would leave and help other African Americans