Tristan and Isolde

Literary Devices Analysis

Morholt's Poisoned Sword

The British thinks that Tristan is dead but the audience knows that he is alive and is with Isolde.

Lord Mark thinks Isolde is unfaithful

The audience and Tristan knows that Isolde is unfaithful to Mark but Tristan tell Lord Mark that she is not unfaithful.

Tristan will no longer deny love

Tristan and Isolde will start to have an affair behind Lord Mark's back.

Tristan fights to win the King's daughter for Mark

We know that the King's daughter is Bragna (Isolde) but Tristan doesn't know that.

Find one more instance in the movie to include here....

We know that the Irish is trying to trick the British by holding a tournament that will lead to the big battle at the end of the movie.