HTMS Library Low-Down

January 2017

Annual HTMS Library Magazine Campaign is ON!

HTMS students and parents can renew their family magazine subscriptions or possibly add a new subscription or two during our annual Library Magazine Campaign. Students will receive order/renewal packets this week, and orders can be turned in to the library through Wednesday, January 18th.

All proceeds will be used to purchase book titles that our students are requesting, and every separate magazine order will allow the student to select a new emoji keychain! (They are SO cute!)

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Drop in December Circulation - No Worries, It's Normal!

December saw a drop in circulation. Given the short month, the business of a book fair, and it being towards the end of the semester, I am not too worried - this is fairly normal. I will be looking for a surge in book activity during January! Find something you love, and Read, Huskies! Read!
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Top Three Circulated Titles for December 2016...

Mrs. McFarland's Corner - A Professional Library Aide's Life...

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Mrs. McFarland is one busy Professional Library Aide, and many times folks just don't know the scope of work and responsibilities she bears! In Mrs. McFarland's Corner, this is what was accomplished during the month of December...

  • 27 new books covered, processed, and cataloged (this job typically takes at least 15-20 uninterrupted minutes per book)
  • Assisted in and facilitated the shelving of 1,112 books
  • Assisted in and facilitated the checking out of 933 books
  • Facilitated 13 Homework Club Days
  • Assisted in the management of 14 8th grade student library aides
  • Laminated 24 feet worth of documents
  • Ran the Nurse's office for about 4 school hours
  • Managed the library during the 26 library/classroom collaborations that required Mrs. Brockman's presence

WHEW! That's a lot for one month - even a short month, and this list does no justice the million other things she does each day! I am so thankful that I have Mrs. McFarland in our library and in my life!

Robotics Coding Mini-Course with Ozobot was a Great Success!

Dec. Collaborations - 26, Bringing Our Grand Total to 241!

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We are racking up the numbers where collaboration is concerned - 241 for the year! What do I count as a collaboration? Planning sessions with teachers, co-taught class periods with teachers in or out of the library, students needing assistance with special projects... There are a variety of things that count. What doesn't count? Pulling books for teachers, "planning conversations" in the hallways, class periods taught only by the classroom teacher in the library.

There weren't as many collaborations during the month of December, but the ones we had were wonderful - teaming with GATE student to promote her Honduras book drive, planning for 7th grade SS civics unit, and beginning work with my first HTMS Student Treasure team. I am excited about what 2017 will bring!

1st Semester Student Library Aides - a Job Well Done!

Our first semester library aides have done such a tremendous job helping to keep the HTMS library running smoothly! This team has served in SO MANY ways:

  • prepped 2 book fairs and one magazine campaign
  • shelved some 4,700 books
  • checked out and renewed some 6,500 books
  • delivered dozens upon dozens of documents, notes, packages to locations all over the school
  • lovingly tended library shelves to make sure that they were high and tight!
  • responsibly handled overdue fines
  • rearranged furniture and chromebook carts - daily
  • kept plants alive
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY made Mrs. Brockman and Mrs. McFarland laugh

It's going to be hard to say goodbye to this first bunch, and we wish them well as they transition to Career Prep A during second semester! Looking forward to our fresh faces, too - it's going to be a fun, busy end of the year!

The HTMS Library's December Top Readers!

HTMS Library's December Top Readers are pictured below... 6th Grade - Owen (again!), 7th Grade - Ada, and 8th Grade - Ethan (again!). These students were selected for checking out and reading the most books during the month of December. So proud of these students! #htmsreads
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Some NEW Titles Added During December...

Did You Know That We Have...

... CHROMEBOOK LIBRARY CARD CATALOGS! Teachers and Students can search a full site Library Card Catalog on one of our three Chromebook card catalog stations. These stations offer full functionality and larger screens than our iPad stations - come try one out!

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Your Librarian - Mrs. Rachel Brockman

  • University of Alabama, Master of Library and Information Studies, K-12th
  • Auburn University, Bachelor of Elementary Education, K-6th
  • Paine Primary Teacher of the Year, 2015
  • Herman Moore Presidential LAMP Award for Exceptional Library Service, 2015
  • Paine Primary Teacher of the Year, 2013
  • Herman Moore LAMP Award for Exceptional Library Service, 2009