The Spartan Scoop--#20

January 18th, 2016

Weekly Motivations:

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Announcements and Events

Building Items for this week:

Monday PLC/CLT TIME: NO SCHOOL- We will make this up on Friday morning at 7:45-- Mrs. MccCluskey will be a guest observer this day. See more info in the Vision section of the bulletin. We need everyone to have a seat on this day in order for us to comfortably go over data-- We will pull in chairs from the Art room if needed.

2nd Baptist Church for MK Day- 6:30 to 7:30

We may be having some Snow Days upon us OR Late Starts/Early Dismissal-- the weather is calling for snow to start on Tuesday AM then continue through the day and night-- ending on Wednesday with a possible total of 3 to 6". Please have your phone near you for any alerts at home.


Care Team for 4th @ 7:45

MAP mtg at CO- Angie

SIP mtg Dave and Angie

Coaching Day- Angie & Dave

Leadership Academy and New Hires CPI Training at E. Park-- after school up to 5:30

Google Site Training in Computer Lab- 4 to 5- if you cannot make this due to another commitment do know that this will be offered again.

Drop Out Meeting- Dave 4 to 5


Sped Staffing @ 7:45- Angie

Coaching Day Dave

Office Day Angie

Leadership Academy and New Hires CPI Training at E. Park-- after school up to 5:30


GBE Literacy mtg @ 7:45

Coaching Day Angie

Office Day Dave

PDC Tea at CO 4:00

Google Site Training in Computer Lab @ 4;00

Leadership Academy and New Hires CPI Training at E. Park-- after school up to 5:30


PLC/CLT Time- Make up day-- @ 7:45-see Vision Section for Details

Vision Items:

PLC/CLT Notes for Friday: We will begin looking at the digital assessment wall that has been prepared. Goal is to see where our students are at in Math achievement and growth. We will review what we are using with the data and then go over trends. When we are done looking at this as a group we will then focus on teams reviewing changes made with morning time/push back into classrooms and if adjustments need to be made to Scope/Sequence turned in last CLT OR Small Group focus. Next thought- Are there things we see as trends that could be shared with Spartan Tutoring to help move kids using this extra time after school? How does this fit in with the Curriculum those tutors are using?

Reading Resources: I asked last week for specific concerns or questions to be gathered and shared with me about the Journeys ELA Program we have reviewed. I specifically am looking for your thoughts about the assessments and writing component.Carve out a five minute block to discuss, if needed, and choose one team member to report to me your concerns or questions via email. I need these by WEDNESDAY, January 20th.

Retention Items:

1. The two form letters have been shared out to each of you. Remember to use the form specified for each student. The letter that requires a meeting is the one for students we have discussed at Care Team. The letter that does not require a meeting is for the students that we have not discussed as of yet at Care Team. Please be working on getting those students referred as soon as possible.

2. Once you have filled these out put them in a folder on your Drive and Share that folder with me and Melissa. These are to go out on Friday, January 22nd. Get this done by Thursday, at the latest, so Melissa and I can review these prior to sending them out. The office will print and mail these letters after getting your signatures.

3. Set up the meeting time for the following week with those that require a meeting. Email Melissa or Dee to have this meeting time set up on Dave or My calendar. This must occur with an admin present. If you cannot get a parent to come in after several attempts-- discuss setting up a phone conference or home visit with Dave or I.

4. Be prepared for the meeting: Have specific examples of areas of concern. Samples of work that shows lack of understanding OR scores and assessments that show specific concerns and gaps. Remember all of our students are someones' child and we need to be thoughtful in the manner in which we deliver news that is difficult for parents to often understand or hear. It is our job to bridge that with our parents and then jointly make a plan/share a plan to give the student extra supports. These will be revisited in April with another letter. Communication on progress should be happening often between January and April.

* If you have a parent that you feel it would be best to contact prior to the letter going home for them to be aware that the letter is arriving-- I encourage you to take the extra time and make those phone contacts to make them aware. This often helps head off upset parents and confusion.

CWG Days- We are taking time each month to review the current SLO Assessment for next year- these team members have been informed and subs have been secured. Teams have discussed meeting after school also to share with rest of their team. This is possible using the CWG money-- and your team would turn in the form and sign up sheet. I will re-share these to make sure everyone has the forms.

The first meetings will be this week on the 20th and 21st. We will have resources that I will bring that day looking at assessment question writing. Sheila Thurman will also be available on some of these days for guidance.

Resources/PD Items:

Not sure if I have shared this or not, but it's worth a second or even third watch- The basic concept we have to think about is our students will try and push us to see if we care enough to keep trying to reach them. It may feel rough and be frustrating, but always remember - If a child thinks you do not truly care, then they will not work for you. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and home environments. It is a fact that our jobs have changed greatly over the years. We at times have to bend in order to reach the greater reward. Rita Pearson eloquently shares that message of not only how to inspire, but also how to empower.