Don't Forget your Crawl Packets!

and I MEAN it

Chapter Reminder

Caldwell 304. 7PM. Mandatory. ~casual~

Y'all, do not forget your packets. Today is the last day for cash and check payments. Make sure they are all in their accurate amounts in their packets. Be sure to have ALL of your payment information that you have sold so far (that means venmo and online payments that you are responsible for) written on your packets. Please turn them in at the beginning of chapter.

If you have a legitimate excuse for why you cannot come to chapter, reach out to Ansley Maness at 770-880-2174 who will so generously be in the Coke Lounge from 9AM-1PM today to collect your packets.

Mentor/Mentee: Make sure to have sent Asif Delawalla your Mentor/Mentee form by 5PM today, or bring a paper copy of it to chapter. We will have the matches announced by this weekend. Mentors, remember, it will be your responsibility to reach out to your mentee(s).

"'Yo man, let's get out of here! Word to your mother' -Vanilla Ice" -Addy Delean