Isabelle Swanson

"The Little old Pig"

There once was a little old pig the pig need her medican so the pig got up and said, "my por little legs wont carry me to the pharmacy " but she had to try. When she got outdide the young little bunny said "what are you doing" the pig said "that she was going to the pharmacy". The little bunny was scard for the pig. So the bunny hopped ahead of the pig and when to the bunnie got to the pharmacey where his best friend the duck was there and tould the duck what was wroung with the little old pig. So the duck quickly got the medican for the pig and gave it to the bunny. By the time the bunny got to the pig's house the bunny could not see the pig. The bunnies first reaction was to look for the pig and eventually the bunny found the pig sitting down in the shade of two trees. The bunny helped the pig back to his house and gave the medican to the pig. the bunny saved the pig that day. About one year later the bunny was very sick and that day the pig saved the bunny by gitting the medican that the bunnie need.

Them: what goes around comes around