Digital Footprint

By: Javier Mena

What Is a Digital Footprint ?

A digital footprint is EVERYTHING you do on the internet this can include

  • Social Media Accounts
  • Subscriptions
  • Any likes, favorites, retweets, etc.

A digital footprint also is a reflection of you and your character, what you think, how you feel, and your personality. So it is very important to have a positive digital footprint.

Not only is this important to be a good role model but, it is also important so that if your future employer looks at your digital footprint he'll want to hire you even more. A Digital footprint is sometimes the most important thing that decides whether you get a job or not.

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What Impact Does It have ?

It has a major Impact on not only your online identity but also your identity in the real world. People judge you the moment they see you and it is important that when you are judged online that your profile is positive and not filled with vulgar and hateful language as well as inappropriate content.

Your footprint is also important because it plays an important part when looking for a job. Employers will take your digital footprint into account when deciding whether to hire you and if your digital footprint is not good enough they won't hire you.

My Digital Footprint

My digital footprint consists of a Blogger, Twitter, and LinkedIn, These accounts for the most part are fairly active and I think reflects positively on my digital footprint.


My twitter account is a very good step in the right direction for me when talking about my digital footprint. I follow many people that are reputable and it reflects positively on my digital footprint, not only does my account show people what i'm interested in but, also my thoughts. When I favorite or retweet something, that is showing people my interest and opinions. It also gives them an insight into my personality and feelings on certain topics.


The Blogger account I have is another form of social media that contributes to my digital footprint. It is impacting me in a way that is immensely positive. I currently have a blog about learning Latin and has done better than I expected with 46 total views. This shows 46 people what i'm doing and my interest in learning a new language. They can tell from my blog that I am trying my best to learn and that also give them an idea of my work ethic.


My LinkedIn account is not as popular as my other ones and rarely gets seen, this is something I must work on. Currently I have a recent picture of myself as well as some of the things that I am passionate about and a short summary of myself. Other than that I don't have a very good profile for my LinkedIn account, and need to continue to work on it. However if I don't it will reflect very poorly on my high school career and show employers that I have done nothing these next 4 years. My LinkedIn account is fine for now but can become a liability if I don't continue to update it.

How Can I Improve My Digital Footprint ?

I can continue to improve by continuing to update my social media accounts, specifically my LinkedIn account. I know that as soon as I get a job I will be updating my LinkedIn account and will continue to look for better jobs and more connections

I can also make more Blogger posts since I only have One blog and Five posts. I could make a blog about school, or food it doesn't matter as long as it is appropriate and I update it regularly

What Have I Learned ?

I think the most important thing I learned this semester was that not having a digital footprint is just as having a bad one. At first I thought that social media was not worth the risks that came with it, but then learned that by not having one you put yourself at a disadvantage when trying to get a job compared to someone who does have a positive digital footprint. You should want to improve how other people see you on social media and not hide from them as this won't do anything good for you. I now see what I must do in order to improve my digital footprint and am slowly but surely building a positive digital footprint.