The Brother of Electricity

Nikola Tesla

Nikola's Background

Nikola is originally from what's now-day Croatia. A very common misconception is people thinking that he is from Serbia. Since his parents are Croatian, and he is born in Croatia, he's not Serbian. In 1856, July 10th, in a small place called Smiljan, this genius was born. His father, Milutin Tesla, was a priest and writer, while him mother, Džuka Tesla, invented small household appliances. Milutin encouraged Nikola to join the priesthood, but Tesla was all about science. He studied at the Realschule, Karlstadt (later renamed the Johann-Rudolph-Glauber Realschule Karlstadt); the Polytechnic Institude in Graz Austria, as well as the University of Prague. Later, during the 1870's, Tesla moved to Budapest, getting hired at the Central Telephone Exchange. Aged 28, he decided to continue his life in America. His biggest hopes came true, and he started collaborating with Thomas Edison.

Teslas's Work

More into Tesla's studies...

Nikola Tesla has paired up with Thomas Edison. They restlessly worked side by side until many months later, they parted ways considering they both had opposite personalities. Luck was on his side in 1885, when Tesla received funding for his company, Tesla Electric Light Company. His investors set him out with a task to develop improved arc lighting. He successfully completed this task, but to no avail, he was kicked out of this business and had to work as a manual labor worker if he wished to survive. In 1887, he jumped back when he found some interest in his new AC system. His work turned out to be very successful, catching the attention of American engineer and business man George Westinghouse, who was seeking a solution to supplying the nation with long-distance power. He was convinced that Tesla had what it takes to accomplish this, so George payed him $60,000 this presentation. They found themselves up against Edison, who also wanted to present his idea. As they had to present their ideas, George and Tesla eventually had their idea used!

His inventions...

Nikola was very famous with his AC electric system, but he is famous for many other things. He has invented:

  • Three-phase electric power
  • Induction motor
  • Wireless telegraphy
  • Alternating current
  • Neon lamp
  • Remote control
  • Tesla current

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Tesla Coil

This is maybe one of Tesla's most famous inventions. It is a super dangerous type of coil that produces high-voltage, low-current, and high frequency alternating-current electricity.