Spethmann's 6th!

November and December Fun in Room 225

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

The past couple of weeks our classroom has been spreading joy through our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. The class walked in seeing a white door decorated with hearts and the letters R A O K. While the anticipation built, we talked about this time of year and how so many of us can get wrapped up in "getting," so we are going to focus on "giving," something that all of us can... our kindness.

After watching a couple video clips about kindness, reading a picture book, and discussing in depth why being kind is so very important and often missed in our culture today - we embarked on our journey of AWESOME... I mean kindness!

The white door was almost completely FILLED with an array of colors and acts of pure giving the first day. We brainstormed as a class, but the leaps and bounds the 6th graders took in the direction of kind was immeasurable. I think the coolest part is two weeks in and the momentum is still going. I have never seen such joy painted on these faces and enthusiasm FELT in our classroom - all around the idea of helping/loving/giving to others, with nothing expected in return.

Two of our favorites by far were total class acts.

Each student created a number of bookmarks with positive encouraging messages, and we hid them in books all throughout the school library. (we made sure to include "pass it on" so we can spread the message of kindness to even more people!)

We also wrote good luck notes to the 5th graders. We gave them tips on how to absolutely ROCK their upcoming explorer presentations. In complete ninja mode - we snuck into their classrooms and hid the notes while they were out.

Manner Minutes - A Stop Motion Adventure!

This month we have been focusing on the area of RESPECT in 6th grade. What does respect look like in school? How does it look different depending on your location in the school and the situation at hand? The sixth graders put on their creation caps and went to work with the Stop Motion app on the iPads. We brainstormed different situations in school where we need practice being respectful. The result will "stop" you in your tracks!

Check them out HERE > https://drive.google.com/a/ccsd15.net/folderview?id=0B0kvi820HXQzYTNTbUN2emRfRFE&usp=drive_web


Building on Ideas of Others

One of the most important skills in our 6th grade Common Core State Standards is the ability to build on the ideas of others. Collaboration is not something that necessarily comes natural to us, so this month we have stepped up to the plate and dove into "baseball reading." This is a reciprocal teaching strategy that we use in order to strengthen our skill set in working with others. The class focused especially on how we talk to our peers. Instead of saying "yes, but..." we mindfully use "yes, AND..." in order to encourage positive academic conversations. Take a minute to ask your sixth grader what team they play for, and how many World Series titles they have won!
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Hour of Code

Dipping our Toes into Computer Science

A big idea that is embedded in our everyday lives is the art of computer science, whether it is apparent to us or not. We watch CNN Student News each day in our classroom and the amount of computer science involved in today's careers is booming. In an effort to expose my learners to this ever growing and highly useful skill - we participated this week in "Hour of Code." Students got an opportunity to try out coding, and discover this language that they may have never seen before.

Social Studies

Ancient Mesopotamia iBooks

We have been studying Ancient Mesopotamia in Social Studies, especially the big 6 ideas of civilization: GRAPES! Geography, religion, achievements, politics, economy, and social structure. Using our skills in language arts and technology we created iBooks to exemplify our new gained knowledge on the topic. Ask your 6th grader to access their Google Drive account so you can check out their work!

Have a wonderful holiday season, and remember to spread your KINDNESS!

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