SMART Table News



Hard Drives will be replaced on all* SMART Tables sometime between January 19-30. This is something that the technicians will be squeezing in when they have time, so it is impossible to let you know just what day they will be to you.

When the drives are replaced, we are also hoping to install ALL activities to the table that are currently available on the SMART Exchange. These will be in a separate folder named "SMART Exchange Files". With over 2100 activities, this is a lot to look through. If you want to know only what YOU had on the table, you might want to see what you have on the table now and make a list of them. ONce the drives are replaced, you can make your self a new folder(s) and load it up with the activities you want.

*Schools that already have the new hard drives are not affected by this. These schools are:

  • Franklin
  • Giaudrone
  • Jason Lee
  • Larchmont
  • Lowell
  • Mann
  • Whittier


Teachers are starting to create their own SMART Table activities! I am SO EXCITED!!!

In the Schoology site, I have added an assignment where you can send me an activity you have created. Use the steps below to attach the file. Don't worry about permissions - this is only going to me. I will not be uploading these for others to access. That's next month :). I also hope to have Joe Coplan from SMART Technologies at our January 22 PLC session. Joe is heading the efforts with SMART to make improvements to the SMART Table software and is very interested in seeing what you are doing and what would make the table a better teaching tool for you. Put your thinking caps on and come prepared to share your thoughts with Joe.

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Upcoming Professional Development

Please watch the PD calendar for upcoming sessions. I plan to post sessions for February and March and am planning to get these courses posted next week. All sessions will be available to certificated and classified staff who are using the table in their building. Staff will use their optional day pay (District or Tech), or classified inservice pay.

SMART Table 101 for any staff that have not already taken this

Creating SMART Table Content - for those who want to learn to edit activities, or make their own.

SMART Table Data

I hope the return from the break has found you excited to dig in and start using the table again. I know that last couple of weeks before the break were tough.

I get lots of emails from staff that are not necessarily using the table themselves - or at least haven't during the recent period of time. If you are one of them, please still complete the form. Emailing me directly to say you have not used the table will not prevent the reminders.

If you could please complete the SMART Table data form at the bottom of this before the end of the month that would be fabulous. I will send you a reminder email the last week in January if you have forgotten. Reminder emails go to ALL people on my list that have not completed the form.


Visit the website for all our materials and resources. Access Code: FJK6Z-4P2XR. I have added more resources, including how to videos for creating background images for making your own custom activities! You may also want to visit the SMART Table Friends YouTube Channel for videos produced by SMART for creating content for each application.

Please send me your data before the end of the month!

Submit data thinking of a standard 5 day week. If you forget to send me the data, you will receive a reminder the last week of the month. Please complete even if you are not using the table right now.