Region 11 Assessment Tribune

October 14, 2016

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Laura Creamer

Assessment/Accountability/School Improvement


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Hey Gang!

Please take the time to watch the Screencastify that I have linked here for you. There seems to be some confusion on TETN/RETN, how to access and register, how to access past SMORES, etc. I have included a walk through on all of the resources that are availabe to you as a DTC. The screencast is about 25 min. long, and I believe it will be of much assistance to you.

My goal is to make information accessible to you in a variety of ways so that you have what you need at your fingertips at any given time.

If you have not taken the time to register and sign up on SLACK , please do so. This is where you can locate past SMOREs and access assessment information. SLACK is the tool that I will refer you back to when you are needing information on past SMORES and anything assessment related. I have included the registration information in this newsletter.

Click Here to Watch the ScreenCast

Happy Friday to each of you. I hope you all have a restful weekend!

As Always.... Warm Regards,


District Testing Coordinator Collaborative

Agenda Items for DTC Collaborative

Do You Plan on Attending the Oct. 26th TETN on 2017 Accommodations at the ESC?